[SLV] UT-SLV Old School Strangelove Arena - [New York]

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Re: [SLV] UT-SLV Old School Strangelove Arena - [New York]

Post by Metalfist » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:42 am

Ut-slv ownership was transfered to different admins over time, eventually SuB got it and when paymebt was inorder he didnt care for it, before that the overview on who has acces to what was already vague. So I made backups and when ut-slv.com went down, I transfered everything to a free host at podserver. Podsever went down for an unknown reason, they never told me anything. So I looked for alternatives for the long run (stable host and such). I also saw that Hook made use of freeforums and I checked it out. I saw it was very easy, fast and low maintance. So now utslv is on there, but the only downside is that I can't import the posts and members, but there were already many inactive and bot accounts so a lot of garbage was in the database. I try to reach the old members, but it takes time and slv is kinda noncrowded... I tryto recreate the topics and get things going, but we need something refreshing (like ut3/udk slv or something)
SuB also has control over the payment at NY, so if the clanpay doesnt work, he won't care to keep it up.

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Re: [SLV] UT-SLV Old School Strangelove Arena - [New York]

Post by [did]Madis » Sat Sep 07, 2013 2:06 am

SLV remake on UDK is probably the only thing that could bring new blood to the mod. Doesn't require much work either, only some physics tweaking so the UT3 one feels more UT1'ish. If there's a coder willing to put it together, I'm willing to make maps for it.

Main forums going down was just the final drop in the series of events that killed the SLV core community and getting a decent player count these days is practically impossible, unless you try your hardest to contact people here and there to organize a game...
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