(BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

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(BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

Post by VRN0wnm3pl0x » Mon Sep 01, 2014 5:21 am




My name is Tom, or previously known on W00t servers as "0wn_m3_pl0x"

I've had many friends on this game even counting at point, icarus as a friend.

But a family is something above that and VRN are a family.

In 2004, this clan was created, a sniping clan. The pure thrill of taking someones head off at the click of a mouse. Sweaty games of Deck16.

VRN moved on however and despite the occasional DM or MonsterHunt (even added to the US (original) Server), became BT focused.

Our leaders? Shade and VRN|C-18, also known as Maz.

Maz has pure skills, but he's not big headed about it, or at least, he wasn't. He's not been around a lot recently, as life moves on.

We still chat occasionally on facebook and it's so nice to see his life is going the right way. Life is important, we only have one so we should cherish moments of pure elation.

UT99 can still bring elation, obviously not in the same way as the day you pass your driving test, but still, a really good, accomplished feeling.

I'd like to recreate the old days, with the classic bunnytrack chillingfields. Go for records like Conor did? (Elite cruncher), hop like crazy like Spy'z? Or chill like the VRN clan, everyone is welcome.

I can't guarantee that we will fill the server up. We all know that UT99 is almost living on a few heartstrings, but it's not dead yet and i intend to stave off that death.

I'm grately saddened by the loss of the {wings} clan and servers, as well as clanbase, who got screwed over by corporate fat cats, but we are stronger than that.

Epic love their fan base, us included, in return for their loyalty, we love them right back.

UT99 is the best ever FPS. It paved the way to the future of FPS gaming and i could easily imagine a world without COD, had EPIC not gone the way it did, as COD is just a super version of UT with less gun pickups and a lot more disadvantages.

I will always be proud to have played this game and been a part of a tiny community on the game. If those days can be relived, it would be awesome.

Pop by the server when you want to, we do have no admins apart from myself, however I believe i can convince some friends to return.

Asking doesn't hurt, put some feelers out there. One classic game on BT-Maverick could bring your best partners and friends back.

Here is a short video, made today to celebrate the opening of my UT server.


I have spent non stop hours (apart from going to work in between) downloading, uploading and trial and error with .ini's as all my old base files were lost.

It has taken me just 2 days, to go from a blank canvas, to a fully fledged 800+ maps BT server with fully functioning Mapvotes and BT game modes, with all classic names on the maps (no map names have been edited)

Redirection is set up and i'm looking forward to #chilling.

You're all awesome to still he here.


Shade used to be a part of VRN, maybe he still classes himself a part of it, i don't think it can ever be let go :P however another part of his role, was webmaster. VRN-KLAN.org was a hosted website for over 8 years, with 2.1million views+ before being lost due to a choice, the right choice, to let it pass on.

I have asked shade to, when he has a free moment, provide me with the original database where possible, so i can recreate the website.

I've also donated to Ut99.org to show my seriousness.

Happy Fragging, bouncing, capping, farting, dieing.

Hope to see you in game some time, even if it's not my server, but elsewhere!



The ip :

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Re: (BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

Post by Dr.Flay » Mon Sep 01, 2014 8:42 am

Nice introduction pl0x, and good to have you here.
I'll suggest a minor edit so people can just click on your server to join.
Until you have a new home, you are welcome to put your feet-up here.

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Re: (BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

Post by VRN0wnm3pl0x » Mon Sep 01, 2014 2:38 pm

Thanks Dr.Flay, i've done just that :)

And I sure will.


Re: (BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

Post by UT99.org » Tue Sep 02, 2014 3:24 am

billybill wrote:Any chance a US server? There's already a few hundred BT ones in EU. Yeah exaggeration but something vanilla in the US without a bunch of server packages, tracking mods and anti-cheats that kick me and don't tell me what package is the problem would be nice :D

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Re: (BT) The Veterans Chillingfields

Post by VRN0wnm3pl0x » Tue Sep 02, 2014 5:17 pm

It's a good idea, I'll look into it in the near future as we primarily had a US based server for BT.

However i will make you aware the only packages we have are Anti-Telehack, anti3dcrash and BTcheckpoints.

So we're light on the "download" side of things.

The only thing we're trying to do is ensure the server is fully redirected, which will take feedback from players :)

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