Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

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Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

Post by Red_Fist » Tue Apr 14, 2015 7:19 pm

Since we now have 12 meg upload, faster computers, and 60 meg download.

Is there any revisions for setting tick rates, max client speed, etc etc ?

I realize a server will only send just so much and can't work any faster, but.
Is there some numbers you can suggest to run a tightly timed server. ?

right now I figured 12,000 for max client rate
and 30 on the tick rate.
For DM, say a max of 10 players.

and if I am posting in the wrong place please let me know.

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Re: Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

Post by Raynor » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:02 am

I've been running with 15000 netspeed for years and haven't had any apparent issues on various servers.

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Re: Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

Post by Higor » Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:50 am

This is 2015, you must profile your game before doing any assumptions:

Join your server, type command:
You'll receive some info, the most important one for now is 'Act=xxx'.
This is the time it takes to process the Level, Scripts, Actors during a frame.
If said value is above 1 or 2, you're better off with:
- 50 TR on <10 players
- 35 TR on 12 players.
- 30 TR on >15 players.

If around 0.5, go with
- 60 TR on <10p
- 50 TR on 12p
- 35 TR on >15p

If around 0.2
- 70 TR on <10p
- 65 TR on 12p
- 55 TR on >15p

If 0.1 or less
- 85 TR on <10p
- 80 TR on 12p
- 70 TR on >15p

If you're running Siege, MonsterHunt or Gauntlet, consider substracting 5 to TR (those mods take up more resources).
Replication checks overhead grow geometrically with player count, and can take up to 25 milliseconds in a slow server if TR is high enough!!!

In other words, (ACT + REP) times must always be below (1 / TICKRATE) to ensure the server has stable framerate.
Alternatively, you may artificially alter the "Net Update Frequency" on pawns to reduce the CPU overhead on the 'rep=xxx' part.
What this does, is reduce the player's and monsters update rate and reduces the amount of replication checks.
I have bundled this with Siege but you may get it in this post as well.

So it basically allows you to run a 100 TR server while dynamically updating pawns between 30-80 times a sec (or any value you specify on the config table), to adjust to your CPU's performance.

Ideally you want your file server on a separate line, and you should get as much as you can from your maximum upload (if you're not charged by traffic).
So, let's say you have a 5 megabits upstream.
- Pick a maximum between 60-80% of your connection's upstream, let's say 400kb/s.
- How many clients on your server? Let's say 20.
- That leaves us with 20 kb/s per client, keep your MaxClientRate on 20000
- If you've got higher upstream, go with 25000. Or you'll start dropping data on Newnet (> 12players), Siege(>18 players), MH(> 200 monsters in the vicinity).
- If your upstream isn't good enough, use a NetRateAdjuster to fix these issues, it not only reduces CPU usage, also channel usage:
Server Core
Many ppl wonder about what mods or whatever, WORRY ABOUT THE CORE FIRST!

Start with the IpServer.u patch to protect against the SecureValidate exploit.
Disable WebAdmin (ugh, ugly).
Open the game, query., the ACE, and an extra port just in case you want a mod that has connection capabilities.
Get my edited Credits.utx: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=6217&start=15#p72854 and never worry about mismatches keeping players out ever again.

If you're on a Linux box, see what's best for it!
A year ago I'd have suggested: yeah, get a bash script and DL the whole install+patcher.
Now, it's best if you DL the whole install, edit the installer script to omit the v451 patch (shit shit shit patch), download a good v436 Core.so [919.164 bytes] (your default one will most likely be missing an important symbol,) and install XC_Engine, you get all the goodies and you can sort your map lists at native level (Linux servers don't sort the map list like Win32 do).
That alone allows you to also install UBinary (if you code a mod and would like to store data in binary files), FerBotz native, and any other v451 compatible native mod.

You're on a Windows box, now there's a few things you certainly can't skip.
XC_Engine works with everything Win32, and also blocks the UnreliableAdv exploit, no more crashes here.
You get all the goodies as well, but it's best used with v436 (best patch ever)... just saying.

Now we do mods!

I hate UTPure, install at your own peril.
For the love of (insert name here), do not install ZeroPing, there are infinitely better choices out there.
Don't install mods that ask you to suppress logs, might as well drop your pants and bend over.
Make a basic mapvote setup (MVLA13) for basic functionality while you go for something more advanced like (MapVoteUltimate, MapVoteX, CacusMapVote...)
Install a proper server controller if that's your thing.
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Re: Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

Post by Red_Fist » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:15 pm

Wow, well, that's a lot, gonna have to absorb things from that killer answer post. I asked :?

Thanks 8)
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Re: Ok modern times, ut99, server settings.

Post by sektor2111 » Thu Apr 16, 2015 6:17 am

As usual, thanks Higor for helpful hints, but we might have problems fooling admins.
Ignore 2015 for some reasons:
- you might see players joining with version 400 and Netspeed 2600 - happened even in 2013 - that's why Voodoo Magic with insane speed has no legs to stand up for me;
- someone spoke about a GBit connection ? For UT'99 ? Why, this game is Dial-Up ready ? Else... show us your awesome download/upload speed at 10000 Miles away :P because I saw forums where brainless fake skilled IT dudes were showing high speed with a nearest PC (probably in the same room) :loool: ;
- a classic server is too known (anyone can see bugs as you can see a mountain) and too messed up to distract an advanced player (And how many are new ones ? :ironic: I'm doubt...);
- dumb modding - lagging player with bad coded mods, custom game-types where you can kill Bot multiple times with enforcer and disappearing with Flag and respawning with Flag (ruining a normal game like that I can't be sure if will distract people or help community), stuff to allow camping on a wall for happily keeping score advantage due to a custom crap Translocator never used by A.I. etc. It's amazing to see dumb ideas and we do ask why players are leaving ?

As for the rest of remaining people a good server setup is a bless and a pleasure.