Vrn's 3rd server (now known as UN)

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Vrn's 3rd server (now known as UN)

Post by VRN|0wn_m3_pl0x »

Maz sort of unnoficially apointed me as erm...announcer :P As im good with speaches ect ect.

Ok, for this one i won't write it out. Me posting makes it easier on maz (who now has 2 servers running) where as i only have 1 ut server running.

yO! everyone!
these days ive been busy with settin up a home hosted server.
its a mix server comprising
instagib jailbreak
instagib ctf
instagib team deathmatch
ill place it in my corridor so it wont annoy me at night and to make sure it can be online 24/7
yet since i have a router the IP is dynamic.. i.e. it will change everytime my connection resets Embarassed
thus i make use of a dyndns host Razz
in other words - if ther are any "open location" dudes amongst you.. IP is monsterfields.dynalias.com
port 7757
query port 7758
in general i recomment to look for the server in "UT Server" tab.
name is
-=United Nations of UT=- Monsterfields - MH/iJB/iCTF/iTDM
please invite your friends and have some fun.

any kind of constructive criticism is apreciated Very Happy
please invite your friends so we can slaughter some monsters or mess around in some CTF sessions.

lets say Friday 20.00 GMT = Monsterfields-Sessions!!



Enjoy. Monster hunt is amazing, queen on 1 map has over 50k health, takes 1 person over 6 minutes to kill it!

UN|| is a CLan born from the ASHES of VRN. Remember. Shade Also pays for UN||'s site, so he is a busy guy :P

Check our clan site here : http://www.vrn-klan.com/ Enjoy!
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Re: Vrn's 3rd server (now known as UN)

Post by Shade »

Yehaa i like it :D

MH, JB and iDTF/iTDM in ONE Server... that rocks! :rock:

See ya there!