Has anyone ever made a tournament bracket mod?

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Has anyone ever made a tournament bracket mod?

Post by Marscaleb » Tue Jul 02, 2019 11:48 pm

I'm wondering if anyone has ever made a mod for conducting an actual tournament, like a tournament bracket or otherwise some kind of mod that tracks data of multiple players across multiple games.
I'm kinda hoping that someone has made a mod I can use, but realistically I'm just hoping someone made a mod that has some similar code I could study as examples to help as I try to make this mod myself.

I just got back from this year's Salt Lake Gaming Con (I run a UT tournament there) and I'm really thinking I want to make a mod to automatically track players through a tournament bracket.

I might as well throw some of this info out there; I'd be interested in hearing people's thoughts on how they think a tournament should be run, especially if it can be assisted through a mod.
The tournament is a free-for-all deathmatch. (We don't get enough people to justify having people sign up in teams for any team-based games.) The way I've been running it is to award players points based on their placement at the end of a match. First place gets 12, second gets 9, third gets 6, fourth gets 4, fifth get 3, sixth gets 2, seventh gets 1. No points for eighth. Every two matches I drop the lowest two players, until we are left with four players, then after two more grand-final matches with those four players we end the tournament (unless there is need for a tie-breaker, which there hasn't ever been.)
I have brackets drawn up for in case I even had more than 16 players sign up, which runs on a system of just advancing the top four players from a match through a standard tournament bracket. But I've never had those kinds of numbers.
It's an effective system, but it doesn't do a good job of accounting for things like players who score the same number of frags if its a close game, or players who lead by a large margin. (Both of which happened in the last tournament.) So I'm thinking I'd like to revise it to a system that counts the total number of frags a player scores across multiple matches. (But I'm open to other ideas if you have them.)

As a mod I'd also like to have it display the cumulative scores and automatically handle the dropping of players. So I'm interested in knowing if there are any mods out there that do this kind of thing that I can use as an example.

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Re: Has anyone ever made a tournament bracket mod?

Post by Skillz » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:23 pm

You may be able to modify UTStats to do this.

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