Actor Count/Delete Utility

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Actor Count/Delete Utility

Post by MrLoathsome »

Here is a little utility I drafted up that you can use to break your game. :tongue: :mrgreen:

The Readme.txt:

Code: Select all

ActorCount_v1.0 Utility by MrLoathsome

A simple Mod Menu utility to count, list or delete actor classes.

   Place ActorCount.ini, and ActorCount.u in your UT\System folder.

   Click on Actor Count/Delete in your UT Mod Menu.

Enter your desired Class in the Class: edit box.

If it is a valid class, the Value in the Current Level Actor Count: box will be updated.

The Log All button will dump a list of the currently selected class into the UnrealTournament.log file.

This will first dump a line that has your current Class value from the edit box and the count.
It will then list each actor by name, along with its specific class.

The Destroy All button will attempt to destroy all actors that are found with the
current search.

It will not destroy everything, but it will destroy quite a bit.

More items can be destroyed in offline practice matches than will be
destroyed if you are connected to a server.

For example, in a practice match you can destroy all Botpack.TournamentWeapon
actors and run around with the bots while you all have no guns.
This of course wont work while playing on a server.

However you can use this to delete all Botpack.Scorch items from your client while playing on a server.
This will delete all the bloodsplats, bullet marks on the walls, scorch marks from rockets or pulse gun etc.
Note, if you use Engine.Decal as your class, it will delete all of the above AND your playershadow.

Use the Delete All button with caution, as results will probably vary a lot
depending upon the map and what else is running.
Only basic testing of that feature was done.

Full source is included so you can expand the info being listed in the Log All
option if you wish.   Or fix any horrible coding errors I may have made.


Here is a sample Log All listing from the CityIntro map, (Entry.unr), with the current class to search set as Engine.Actor.
ScriptLog: ---------------------------
ScriptLog: ActorCount - Class: Engine.Actor Current Count: 17
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.LevelInfo0 Class: Engine.LevelInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.PlayerStart0 Class: Engine.PlayerStart
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.Light2 Class: Engine.Light
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.PlayerStart1 Class: Engine.PlayerStart
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.PlayerStart2 Class: Engine.PlayerStart
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.SpectatorCam1 Class: Botpack.SpectatorCam
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.ZoneInfo0 Class: Engine.ZoneInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.UTIntro0 Class: Botpack.UTIntro
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.Mutator0 Class: Engine.Mutator
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.GameReplicationInfo0 Class: Engine.GameReplicationInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.TMale1 Class: Botpack.TMale2
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.PlayerReplicationInfo1 Class: Engine.PlayerReplicationInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.PlayerShadow1 Class: Botpack.PlayerShadow
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.CHNullHUD1 Class: Botpack.CHNullHUD
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.FontInfo2 Class: Botpack.FontInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.ServerInfo1 Class: Botpack.ServerInfo
ScriptLog: Actor: Entry.FontInfo3 Class: Botpack.FontInfo
ScriptLog: ---------------------------
Here is a Log All listing for Botpack.TournamentWeapon while in practice match on DM-Deck16][:
ScriptLog: ---------------------------
ScriptLog: ActorCount - Class: Botpack.TournamentWeapon Current Count: 25
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ShockRifle0 Class: Botpack.ShockRifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ut_biorifle0 Class: Botpack.ut_biorifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.SniperRifle0 Class: Botpack.SniperRifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.PulseGun0 Class: Botpack.PulseGun
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.SniperRifle1 Class: Botpack.SniperRifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_FlakCannon0 Class: Botpack.UT_FlakCannon
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_Eightball0 Class: Botpack.UT_Eightball
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ripper0 Class: Botpack.ripper
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_Eightball1 Class: Botpack.UT_Eightball
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.WarheadLauncher0 Class: Botpack.WarheadLauncher
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_FlakCannon1 Class: Botpack.UT_FlakCannon
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.minigun0 Class: Botpack.minigun2
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ShockRifle1 Class: Botpack.ShockRifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.enforcer0 Class: Botpack.enforcer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ImpactHammer0 Class: Botpack.ImpactHammer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.PulseGun1 Class: Botpack.PulseGun
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.enforcer3 Class: Botpack.enforcer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.enforcer4 Class: Botpack.enforcer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ImpactHammer3 Class: Botpack.ImpactHammer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.SniperRifle2 Class: Botpack.SniperRifle
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_FlakCannon3 Class: Botpack.UT_FlakCannon
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.UT_Eightball3 Class: Botpack.UT_Eightball
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ripper1 Class: Botpack.ripper
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.enforcer6 Class: Botpack.enforcer
ScriptLog: Actor: DM-Deck16][.ImpactHammer5 Class: Botpack.ImpactHammer
ScriptLog: ---------------------------
Note: Its been several years since I did any uscripting. Mostly did this just to see if I still remember how things work.
Seemed like it might be useful, so here it is.

Let me know if you see any obvious horror, or important things left out etc. I am a bit rusty.
Think just getting the UWindows working the way I wanted took me 10x the time as the rest of it.
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Re: Actor Count/Delete Utility

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MrLoathsome, do you still run your UT Forum? :gj:
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Re: Actor Count/Delete Utility

Post by MrLoathsome »

Nope. That site expired. Somebody else set it up and I never had the admin/domain account info....