UT99 famous characters compilation

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UT99 famous characters compilation

Post by coper »

Hello, I want to share a UT99 game with the most known characters (great skins made by the community), maps and mods. It was a great version that my friends and me played online during COVID quarantine. We had a lot of fun, and was an anti-depression vaccine for me. It was great watch Alien kill optimus prime, subzero destroying goku, or the pink panter over tomb raider!

This collection has:
Monster Arena
Infiltration (basic)

some characters: Alien, predator, mortal kombat characters, dragon ball characters, avengers characters, simpsons, warbosses and many more!
Just download, extract and play!
All the credits are for the creators of every skin, map and mod in this version. Thanks a lot, i hope you like it.

if this is not the correct thread please move to the right place, and sorry
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Re: UT99 famous characters compilation

Post by Dr.Flay »

Welcome to the forum, however your post is confusing.
UT99 is a game. Game modifications are addons for a game.
What was a great version, UT99 or one of the mods in this collection ?

If this contains the actual UT game we cannot allow it here.

Yep it contains the actual game, which as long as it is still available for sale is illegal.
LInk removed.
Package the rest of the stuff without the parts that come on the CD and you can post it here.
Posting illegal material gets us into trouble for piracy and we risk being fined (and ruining out good reputation with Epic).