Universal Unreal - The Advanced UT99 Server Comms tool

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Universal Unreal - The Advanced UT99 Server Comms tool

Post by [did]Madis » Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:06 pm

In an effort to bring more people to the Strangelove gaming community which has thinned in ranks over the years due to series of drama, server hackings, ddosings, stupid rivalry, a coder from our community, MSuLL made a modification that would allow the players between our affiliate servers communicate trough an unique buddy system. Not only that, Universal Unreal allows non-registered users to use the mod to view who's playing on what server in real time. For registered members, you can send private messages to your buddies, get notifications about online friends joining another servers, etc.

Also, for server admins using Nexgen, UU comes with a powerful tool called the Universal Unreal Lookup - this allows an administrator to do a lookup on any player on his server and get full detail records of his recent aliases, playing on other affiliate servers and administrative actions taken against him.

All-in-all, UU is a powerful tool that can help various UT gaming communities a lot when it comes to keeping track of your friends playing online, etc. I suggest you people look into this - UU has pumped a lot of life into our SLV gaming scene. We currently have about 150 registered users and hundreds of unregistered users who benefit from other UU features.

Here are a few links:

About - http://ut-slv.com/universalunreal/index.php?p=about
How to use - http://ut-slv.com/universalunreal/index.php?p=help

MSuLL posted this on various other sites such as UnrealAdmin and even BU. I did a search here about UU and didn't find any forum entries, so I thought I'd bring your attention to this. This is truly a powerful tool.
(usually works with the nexgen server controller, but there's a lite stand-alone version too, for admins that don't use NSC)
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