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Post by (G)ott » Thu Dec 18, 2014 1:19 pm

XServerQuery v201

  • XServerQuery is a much-improved way of showing your server's current
    information. There are new headings like "Spectators" and "Protection
    Type" as well as the country of the current players. It also does more
    then the same job like SecureValidate.

    To show you your server's new information, you need the latest
    XBrowser for the UT installation. Remember: XServerQuery is for the
    server, XBrowser is for the client. They work together to bring you
    all this new information. Also, if you using a server viewer page
    (like statistics displayed on a webpage), you need to modify it.

    For more information and to see how it works, follow this link:
  • Code: Select all

    from 200 to 201
    - fixed a small bug where the server runs in a small loop and gets a timeout while receiving a unknown querytype.
    from 110 to 200
    - added query spam security.
    - added config iMaxConnPerIPPerSec & iNumPacketsBeforLog.
    - changed config bShowProtection to a multi bool (doh, what is multi bool?? O.O').
    - removed config bShowCPName.
    - removed config ServerCountry.
    - renamed config ServerIP to NetAddress.
    - added a country memory for players and server. This will stop spamming ItC.
    - added \NewNet\ as QueryType. If found, return the version. eg.: 0.9
    - changed the player time: the time will now return seconds instead minutes.
    - changed "RemainingTime" -> if bOverTime, return ElapsedTime.
    - added log prefix.
    - renamed class "UdpXServerQuery" to "XServerQuery".
    - added new class "XServerUplink".
    --> This does the same like SecureValidate.SVUdpServerUplink.
    --> changed default MasterServerAddress from master0.gamespy.com to utmaster.epicgames.com.
    --> added log prefix.
    from 105 to 110
    - added more info logs.
    - added config bLogSpecialQuerys & bLogUnknownQuerys.
    - added config ServerCountry (use it if ServerIP not set).
    - fixed problem, sending players on nexgen servers befor game is started.
    - fixed players time.
    - added auto saving default config on first installation.
    - some small changes.
    from 104 to 105
    - added crash-protection of Secure Validate.
    - added \teams\ as QueryType to support the UT Watcher program.
    - added new config "bSendMailURL" (link-support for the new XBrowser > 110).
    - renamed "ServerAddress" to "ServerIP".
    from 103 to 104
    - fixed a bug with hidden spectators (part 2).
    - fixed problems with server country.
    - fixed some minor bugs.
    from 102 to 103
    - fixed a bug with hidden spectators (part 1).
    from 101 to 102
    - added querytype "RemainingTime".
    - added UTPure to the protection list.
    - fixed a mistake with the querytype "Protaction"/"Protection".
    - fixed some minor bugs.
    from 100 to 101
    - added new optional config -> ServerAddress, to bypass a unknown bug if the server dont returns the real networkaddress for ITC.

  • I've repacked the included IpToCountry-1.6.rar
    Changes are:

    Code: Select all

    - removed file CountryFlags2.utx
    - added file CountryFlags3.utx
    - added file IpToCountry.ini. Feel free to change the hosts as you like.
    - changed some lines in the README.txt file
    - added the download link of the GeoIP.dat at the bottom of the "MasterServer v1.6/GeoIP license.txt" file
    - updated the GeoIP.dat file to the latest one (2014/12/02).
    The new CountryFlags3 file is upgrade compatible for all mods, they
    use CountryFlags2 and where you can change it via ini file.
    Mods like Nexgen must be modified..


    Code: Select all

    -added over 100 new flags (v2 has 171, v3 now 277).
    -v3 is uptodate with the latest ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
    -all flags redesigned and now more colorful.

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by Chamberly » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:31 pm

Awesome. Will set up a mirror.

MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/?pf2hfq25a5avmwr

Some other will add it to their popular site (UT-files, noccer, medor, etc.) ;)
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Re: XServerQuery

Post by noccer » Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:05 pm

Chamberly wrote: Some other will add it to their popular site (UT-files, noccer, medor, etc.) ;)
True :D

Big Thanks Gott, for one of the best and most usefull Addons for UT :rock:

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by UT99.org » Fri Jan 02, 2015 6:11 am

billybill wrote:O.K dude, I'm going to keep my posts specific. Not post about XBrowser in XServerQuery and vice versa.

Notable bug in XServerQuery, it cannot process multiple requests. If I send a \info\status\ I don't get the reply I expect. It completely breaks a query for specific parameters. The bug has been present since before the latest version. I assumed you had left the project and people would slowly stop using it. The importance is evident when you try using "UT PHP Server Query by Almar Joling"

Please use a search engine on the quoted text, then query a regular server followed by a server running XServerQuery. I'd also recommend splitting \XServerQuery\ into it's own parameter similar to \player_info\, UTPG additions. Please retain the original \info\, \status\ and make yours like the two I named

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by (G)ott » Fri Jan 02, 2015 8:02 pm

billybill wrote:If I send a \info\status\ I don't get the reply I expect.
I've tested your script and it works fine with two parameters :tu:

Code: Select all

billybill wrote:It completely breaks a query for specific parameters.
If is understand you right, you mean something like this on a XSQ server ->

Code: Select all

This is really a bug i have to fix, BUT this bug exist in the original UdpServerQuery too.
The server runs in a small loop and gets a timeout while you send a unknown querytype.

Use for example

Code: Select all

on a vanilla server (a server without XSQ). You'll get no reply too.

I will add something like a "unknown_query_reply".


Re: XServerQuery

Post by UT99.org » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:20 pm

billybill wrote:Ah okay it does load. I should've checked that better (example in point http://www.unreal-mars.de/ut-server/inf ... vport=7778)

It must be specific parameters don't work. Like the numplayers parameter. I'm going to leave it a few days until I have all my source codes available. Feel free to check this one, as I disagree that the bug was already there. I believe it started with XSQ

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by WilsonCar » Tue Jul 25, 2017 5:25 pm

[rev]rato.srt wrote:Now this pea protein is great so add it to favorites ?
Hey (G)ott is this script still working for you?
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Re: XServerQuery

Post by (G)ott » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:02 pm

Like my car. It runs ;)

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by [rev]rato.skt » Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:16 am

Now work add dns to favorites ?
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Re: XServerQuery

Post by UT Sniper (SJA94) » Sat May 23, 2020 11:50 pm


With http://wiki.beyondunreal.com/XServerQuery always seeming to have problems nowadays, is there an alternative site to look up the serverQuery API as well as XserverQuery?

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Re: XServerQuery

Post by Barbie » Sun May 24, 2020 1:44 am

Page "wiki.beyondunreal.com/wiki/UT_Server_Query" is mirrored here .
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