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Postby sektor2111 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 9:03 pm

Ah, I see, I apology for my memory, I forgot those things. It is about around 2 years since I'm using default Bots only for random tests, I'm using only MBots...

To mention:
Discarding those errors might happen by screwing PickDestination. How ?
- ReplaceFunction - XCGE in stage;
- Other Bots - suggested name GBots (aka Gadavre Bots).

Advantage of a new child Bot:
A lot of options and variables and checks and adds - total gaming compatibility + a little more intelligence and/or aggressiveness habits.

Advantage of XCGE tweaking:
All stuff is original and fixes are aiming exactly the error source - no new packages, no complex extra-config, only adding XCGE and desired Actor for tweaking. Such a sample is XC_Titans or something like this which I've posted somewhere in a XC related stuff thread.
To explain different:
If in a map exist a Titan which by default Titan does what Epic says, by using tweaks operated with XCGE you can see that original Titan doing things different, nothing replaced in Level just execution is changed.
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