★ DeathMatch+ Hunt A Sniper ★

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★ DeathMatch+ Hunt A Sniper ★

Post by Que » Sat Sep 17, 2022 2:10 am

Hunt A Sniper

Gibblets.com | ---{ PSYCHO-SERVERS USA }--- | DeathMatch+ Hunt A Sniper+

Gibblets.com | ---{ PSYCHO-SERVERS DECK16][ }--- | Hunt A Sniper!+

Hey everyone , soo... I have setup a NEW GameType which seems to be going good called DeathMatch+ Hunt A Sniper!
how this works is.. all Players spawn with All Weapons and Full Ammo (except for Sniper Rifle).
if the Map has a "Sniper and Ammo" then These Spawn in the Map at their preset positions.

Picking up a Sniper = 15 Bullets
Picking up Shellbox =10 Bullets
- 2 Shellboxe's removed from top of Deck16][

The theory behind this GameType is;

To Give lesser skilled players a better chance at fragging without being constantly Pinged by Pro Players who exclusively use the Sniper Rifle. This GameType also forces PRO Players to "Think outside the box" whilst playing. This also Encourages Pro players to use other weapons.
  • We run the Latest FragNewNet with Lag compensation systems in place. Pings in excess of ~300ms Welcome.
  • We run DoubleJump & DodgeJump (UT2k4 Style) Mutator as well. We run this exclusively for 99% of GameTypes.
  • We are running Buggie's SmartBots Mutator & His custom Bots
join us here for hopefully a more challenging experience;

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Gibblets.com | ---{ PSYCHO-SERVERS USA }--- | DeathMatch+

Gibblets.com | ---{ PSYCHO-SERVERS DECK16][ }--- | Allweapons+
(This is our Deck16][ Only+ server)

Gibblets.com | ---{ PSYCHO-SERVERS UK }--- | DeathMatch+ Allweapons [G]
This is our UK Server.

*This GameType is available NOW using SmartWeaponsFullyLoaded2 (SmartWFL2)
*Join our Discord Here.*
Our most popular mods - MVX , SSB , SmartWFL , UTCmds
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