CTF · how many captures?

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CTF · how many captures?

Post by EvilGrins »

When I play CTF (of any variety) I usually play for a max score of either 5 or 13.

5 is most often, though not always, when I'm testing a new CTF map.

"Lucky" 13 is a more generalized score. What I used to do when I hosted online or played LAN.

What's your ideal score?
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Re: CTF · how many captures?

Post by Insidious849 »

Either the default three or five will do it for me, but usually five.
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Re: CTF · how many captures?

Post by UnrealGGecko »

3 or 5 here as well, but usually 3 just to get more maps in a rotation sometimes :)
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Re: CTF · how many captures?

Post by papercoffee »

When I played EpicBoy, 6 captures was the minimum. It was enough to keep me nearly an hour playing.
I used to have a fixed set of opponents (and team member) because I didn't use the random-Bot-order.
I knew who was capable of what. But it was always an uncertain outcome.