What feature do we want to see in UnrealED2?

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Re: What feature do we want to see in UnrealED2?

Postby Red_Fist » Sun Mar 19, 2017 6:44 pm

And if you really want to get-down and dirty, Make a converter that can take EVERY damn model file type known to man, and convert it only to .T3D :mad2: :mad2: :mad2:

And out of spite make it only work for UT99 version 436 with the bonus packs. :chainsaw:

It's odd you made this thread, the other day I was going to post an improvement-problem, but I just can't friggen remember it now.

I don't seem to get very many crashes at all, UGold, Unreal2, or UT

Still think, if you open the editors, no browser opens, none docked, look in some .ini so when the editor opens it will only have one blank user window, no browsers.
I could be full of crap but I believe that is the reason for more crashes. It could be a loading thing for the editor that affects the way it runs later. In UT2004 you Must load the mesh browser or it crashes right away.
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Re: What feature do we want to see in UnrealED2?

Postby Chamberly » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:17 pm

About what Terraniux said... I've encountered a lot of crashes fiddling around with terrain brushes. I would probably like to see some kind of block or a big X mark, saying "No, I can't go there or the editor will crash!" Something to prevent crash happening with a warning. Would save my time I'm sure.

Sektor2111, am I going have to bite you? I'm just wanting to see what we can do to take care of things instead of dumping resources (Win 10)... jk I won't bite.
More add-on? Sure, why not.

Red_Fist... rofl. I kind of remember wanting to have some meshes that are in .T3D... but how does it not work with the bonus pack?
Didn't play with the 2k4 editor, but I'll keep that on a note.

Oh yeah, another thing... gonna say decoration. I was playing around with these last night, I tried to put one in a spot but it was empty. So I looked in the log, it said the actor is too big to add here. Well... hey editor scale it down, would you? :confused2:
My get around on this is to put it in another area, scale it down, and then move it or copy and paste to the 2nd unreal editor window if I have 2 open.
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Re: What feature do we want to see in UnrealED2?

Postby SilverSound » Sun Mar 19, 2017 7:19 pm

I saw someone mentioned the UT models. I have all of them if you want them. Like all of them. They are in .3d and .pcx format though. Some in two parts. (a and b) I also have all the textures before they were compressed into packages. So you could essentially fix or make new stuff out of the default. (This is assuming these models aren't already available somehow.)

To go ontopic: Some of the things you guys are saying are in 2.1. Like the option to load all textures from a package.

I run windows 10 and never had any issues running the editor. (I used OpenGL and I've purged this stupid OS of all it's super duper garbage Spyshit and forced installs)

Though this idea of higor working on editor fixes is a bright idea. I really like this. He would just need to make sure the engine supports it first.
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Re: What feature do we want to see in UnrealED2?

Postby sektor2111 » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:39 pm

If you look at XC_PathBuilder, oh well, from now one this is my the most loved toy from all these years. If everything will work like that, I'm Pro Adds.
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