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Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 5:46 am
by sektor2111
Here I was doing a map (which is ready and shared in first post) and I was asking before for some zones recommendations, now I'm thinking at next one. Do you have anything valid or just nothing ? Because I'm not interested about nothings and words, player is not playing with words, but for sure is playing maps, like the dude with contest participation, no one is playing participation, people are playing maps. So I'm interested about something valid or a recommendation - yeah, test your mod working in any game-type using this map if you said that it works... in "any maps with player starts" - this one has 9 PlayerStart type Actors. Good luck !
As a question: Have you ever think that a map might be protected somehow for not having usage outside of target game-type ? No, because you are goofing as usual. Like old SP maps which were messing up the game-play stupidly ported to MH, I'm capable of doing maps which can be messing any game-type than MH so good luck at "using maps" :P . Probably next one will have some stuff.

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:57 pm
by Terraniux
Can we haz a downlink link, or iz I overlooking itzzz?

never mind, I haz found it. I iz trying it out. :thuup:

(Having a cat in your house all day when it's raining all day makes you go cat talk)

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:12 pm
by Red_Fist
No, you are wrong about that, Monsterhunt IS SP but with a very fine feature of using bots.
If you really want to take advantage of it, not only can you have a storyline you can have spam and weapons goals along with SP goals.

I suggest you make a SP map (in MH) BUT never ! look at the log not even once until you have completed the whole thing textures, lighting and mechanics.
Then add in the non stock pawns or actors later (or new actors for mechanics only) THEN fix your log situations.

Redoing SP maps into MH is a great thing. :!:

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:02 pm
by sektor2111
Red_Fist wrote:Redoing SP maps into MH is a great thing.
Well, then excuse me but I don't get too much about so called ported maps which some idiots were doing. Arguments:
- a common SP level has errors fixed in their controller (there are entire pages written) - look at some coop game-type and we can chat about that later - so to speak maps are crapped up being mainly for OFF-Line - Who cares then?;
- another issue is LESS PlayerStart types insufficient for MH ON-LINE with folks because are addressing 1 guy - SP is Single Player - self explanatory;
- Monsters are very few - you simply have no challenge if you play with other players;
- These maps have no Bot support for MH because they doesn't include any mission type thing for Bot - whoever was porting them, he had no clue what was doing - I was trapped with such stuff in my noob admin times having trust in stuff hosted -just GARBAGE hosted not that different from now days;
- All of those bugged ones were not fixed at all for MH and they doesn't include MonsterEnd - ServerTravel doesn't work in MH so good night garbage, these travel things needs some actor written in MyLevel for being operational;
- So called tricky Triggers are not for Multiplayer - one guy opens a door, other 2 morons are closing it back - lol game.

For the rest of "awesome portations" see Barbie's post Ziki related which I'm not even bother to fix. You don't have to compare an original MH map addressing at least 3 players with a SP one. Very few mappers indeed have properly ported their SP maps to MH, a complete conversion... and... not bug free of course...

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:30 pm
by Red_Fist
Well that is a given, if they mess up a map and not make it work right. (for online or offline)

My point is you can take any SP map and would be a pretty good MH, make it harder since you can use bots to play along with. But if they don't make it work right I just say the map isn't done, just slapped together.

I don't know the server side of things to make any judgment on what works or not, so I don't know. The main goal would be to make, or redo, a map to add life into it or atmosphere, lighting, etc etc But still make it play like an MH map to be harder and more goals than otherwise a SP alone cannot do.

That ziki map was screwed up BSP, terrain, yuck.

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 7:37 pm
by sektor2111
Meh, I have a recall about one of my ideas... Random Bosses, probably a map is more cute if has a different behavior. Let's say that if map is played at midnight will spawn some random type of Boss. If map is played in morning time it might have another Boss. Or is more easy to deal with a Day of a week. Tuesday we have a heavy trooper, Sunday another one, etc.
But first I need to do the spawner... then environment... eh, there is a bit of work... testing O.o...

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Map Done

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:46 pm
by sektor2111
Bumping MH Requests specific topic.

I think I finished and TESTED another second MH map for my playground MH-Sk_BattlingLottery as a continued story around El Presidente dude (any coincidence with real persons or facts are just innocent occurrences - huh ?)

Link is on first post in the same location as previous map MH-Sk_Godz.

Short History:
El Presidente was crawling through servers looking for something - perhaps was looking for the team sent to build his bunker prepared for a presumed End Of World. Builders have been murdered by some evil aliens and bunker captured. First mission was releasing bunker happening in MH-3072-Floorways_rv1 map. Mission was successfully accomplished, aliens have decided to regroup and prepare another powerful attack. They were bringing weaponry with a train, mission to stop train was also accomplished in MH-TrainCommando.
Right now hunters after stopping train were lost. Their S.O.S. signals have been received from headquarters and Captain was trying to point team back. Due to some strange EMP activity he could not teleport them properly on a safe location but he found a basement with less EMP activity so team has been dropped there and they will have to roam around to the exit portal.
This sort of battle will require destroying some Barrels and Boxes for breaking glasses on the way out. Also there are more or less hidden aliens there with... servers - probably El Presidente was printing some signature in their logs pissing them off more than supposed, they also went wrong with some stuff when were updating their systems and a few human hackers have done another damage... their systems are not booting well and because cables are not properly plugged, a blue screen of death is expected to happen when someone is roaming around them... Last glass is being guarded by a Queen - which is supposed to be indeed a Queen.
Roaming to the way out should happen in fore-mentioned map/location MH-Sk_BattlingLottery.
By playing map using various "mods" making action very easy will except me from being guilty for doing a "too easy map" - because is not that easy by playing it in a MH like game.

Notes: Fun is not a must-have right here - is optional.
As usual, Bot support is available - even you can follow Bot if you have issues at playing map - because yes, Bots are trying to guess barrels and/or boxes which have to be destroyed - I have not tested default Bot - but maps has paths from start to end - MBot (F version also is available in my Bots specific folder linked in that thread) is able to end map according to mission parameters - I did not see ugly bad flaws at this point.
We have some custom monsters, some textures, some lights, a bit of animated textures, a weapon at each Level and some ammo needed.

Credits (guilty persons):
PrinceOfFunky - textures (reimported in 8 Bit)
Mr LoathSome - a few fixed creatures by this nice dude
Thunderbolt - I tuned a decoration from some map not that great but having decorations
HIGOR - XC_PathBuilder was helpful here and there for restricting a bit paths around some area because BlockMonsters is not part of my Mapping inventory. Of course if monster is mad, will pass pathing data and you can say a pray later.

Re: Some MH Requests ? - Another Map Done

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:40 pm
by sektor2111
In order to not forget about Editor, I sorted a dumb MH map and I tweaked a bit some stuff with a more or less ruined logic.
(11.13 MiB) Downloaded 67 times
History notes.
Initial map unsigned has been modified multiple times in various trash type versions. I was picking one Kings&Servants-Lite as described in a recent topic and I did a few tweaks getting rid of map's trash.
- Uncompiled Titan and useless set has been removed;
- Insta and Redeemer for campers with zero skill have been removed at once with their zones according to old MH tutorials;
- some walls have been aligned, some textures changed with some HD ones - not all;
- mover type doors cannot be closed by turds camping in the back for making other hunters to no retreat when they need - because buttons are in one side. When door is open it will stay OPEN until end of game;
- map has some dynamic lights - not seen in Editor but they will show up in run-time;
- Skybox is visible from more than only last area - planes are flying in the sky - this is entirely client authoritative stuff permanent visible ON-Line in MyLevel by self person;
- MonsterEvent actors will announce Shortcuts and Bots will understand them - yeah, Bot support should work but I did not bother with various protections for default trash Bot;
- Spelling at monsters MenuName Vs ArticleName has been rewritten because they were properly retardized by supposed addicted mappers;
- BSP problem from Squids squadron is reduced - DevPath works there properly;
- Some useless subtracts have been deleted;
- Useless duplicated weapons have been removed because don't make any sense as they have been added (- for crapped bWeaponStay=False games) - respawntime accelerated is the deal here not MORE mindlessly loaded actors;
- I did not waste more time at a general Level redesign and I did not see others willing to get involved - so this is original cubing spree idea not that much screwed;
- etc ?

Credits section (more in document)
HIGOR - all XC stuff for converting meshes and pathing - compatible with plain UT in big parts (if stupid Engine is not crashing at random);
Derdak2rot - resources for meshes (initially being brushes);
CromeBallz - some music used;
|2at-|3astard - another resource used as mesh (initially) was brush;
PrinceOfFunky - some textures used as well;
Unknown for me - author of textures Quake3c.utx.
Others participants which I might forgot ? (all my excuses here if happened).
Map has been tested ON-Line - it looks like works fine under 10kb/s (netspeed 10000) and will use under 300 Net channels (for admins which wants it in their servers).

PS: Does not include MH files, presuming that a MH game-play will require to have installed MH mod - LOGIC. For other missing files, hit this topic...

Reason: Random amnesia happiness based. I forgot some important credit - instigator for this remade.
SteadZ - doing interesting HD textures for mapping purposes - I have added them in MyLevel being curious in that moment what will happen. And happened a new map for my MH repositories, now I can delete all previous junk UNR files supposed KingsAndServants types.