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Post by nogardilaref » Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:50 am

sektor2111 wrote: Another fact which I did not love was those super duper decorations which I found here and there having ( sample ) collision radius 27.983521. For me is pretty much stupid. Why engine must process so much floating point crap ? To work more slower ? I have defaulted all those dumb things to a normal value. I might be wrong here but... for me makes no sense such a "precision". Why ?
That might actually be the result of lack of precision.
Probably the collision radius was actually meant to be 28.0000000, or 27.<some other clean decimal fraction here>, but due to whichever way it was set up it ended up with that seemingly random value, such as: it could have been exported from somewhere by a tool which automatically calculates the collision based on the mesh bounding box, so it's bound to get numbers like that.
Sometimes UnrealEd itself will change the numbers after you type them for floats, this is the lack of precision kicking in, as expected from float and binary decimals in general.

Having that said, it doesn't really make the arithmetic any slower, floating points are dealt as floating points, regardless of the number, it's just that you start to get more odd numbers here and there as the precision error propagates. :)

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