ChaosUT background and style

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ChaosUT background and style

Post by Dr.Flay »

Chaos started on Quake 2 as a set of different weapons and various powerups, so when it was converted to UT the cyber-medieval theme was a common style to use.
Many of the ported Quake 3 maps suit Chaos due to the heavy use of skulls and temple-like structures.

Within the Chaos domain recently we have started to weave more of a background to what Chaos is, so it is a little fragmented at the moment.

The Chaos realm is a parallel Universe that has mastered the ancient Chaotic energies of the Universe.
Chaos power is used with technology in a way that often looks like magic to less educated races.
Because the power of Chaos is supreme and total there has been no big leaps in technology, only a gradual progression so the technology is often a blend of medieval and sci-fi (pre-steam punk).
This is why Chaos warriors still carry a sword in battle, and use it to deflect enemy bullets before removing their head at close range.

The Chaos Lords mastered the ability to open a portal and come to this Universe at any point in time.
The Chaos Lords visit anywhere there is war and combat, so over time also collected various warriors from different times and planets.

Because they have been in charge for so long and there are no wars in the realm of Chaos (plenty of death, but no war), they are bored and like the Roman Emperors of Earth history, they enjoy watching " 'til the death !" gladiator combat.
The Liandri Corp and its activities did not go unnoticed, and so the Lords of Chaos decided that they should send their finest warriors, while also scouting for new blood for the Chaos arena.

Preferred locations:
Classic fighting pits and arenas, dungeons and prisons are often used as Chaos arenas, also ancient sites of mystic significance are where the Chaos lords like to watch combat and ritual sacrifice of your enemy.
Also think long abandoned mental hospitals, Dentists or anywhere that torture, experiments or death may have been common.
Any war-zone on any planet in any time zone is good.
Maps with traps.
Human hell or alien hell
Inside a crazy mind hell
Chaos will never be set in a nice location.

The idea you want is "OK I won the match....can I please leave now. I don't like it here !"

The Chaos kit can be a factor in mapping.
As well as your telepod you have a grappling hook, so you can use ceilings and buildings in a different way (think Spiderman).
The redeemer is swapped for; the Gravity Vortex (throw hard and run like hell) or the Sentry Turret (you can reload if it gets low and you have the same ammo).

Chaos also gave UT the game mode "King of the Hill" which is similar to Domination games, so you can make KOTH maps if DOM is your thing.
The other custom mode is DM_CUTA Sword Arena which is for 1v1 gladiator matches with only an enforcer and a sword.
If you want to do a small map then maybe this is for you (and pathing will be easy).

Maps set in the Chaos realm should contain the Chaos logos, or at least make use of the skulls and bones resources.
Maps in this Universe should just be nasty hellish places of punishment.

The mod includes indoor and outdoor resources (medieval and sci-fi). The trees and plants vary, so hot or cold places can be decorated.

If it is to be distributed as a map pack in 1 archive, the required files can be included in a separate folder without the duplication, or better still from the Chaos site.
Anyway the maps will only play in Chaos mode on a server with Chaos resources, so any players that do not have ChaosUT should receive the missing files as needed.
I don't see a problem, only a delay for some.
If the quality of the maps is up to the bosses liking then the Chaos site may also be a willing host for the pack, but for now it will be a news item on the Chaos sites because any community promotion of ChaosUT will be gratefully promoted by Chaotic Dreams.

Usual Chaos map naming
DM-CUTA_ (Chaos Sword Arena)

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Re: ChaosUT background and style

Post by nogardilaref »

Quick question: is the available version at moddb the latest one?

From all the weapon mods I have ever tried, there's still nothing like the first experience that ChaosUT provided.
I also played with the UT2004 version, and while it was awesome in itself, didn't give off that "chaotic" vibe anymore from the UT99 version.
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Re: ChaosUT background and style

Post by Dr.Flay »

Yes, someone uploaded the final version 1.1 there.

The UT200x versions introduced a few things, but the Invasion mode and melee are my favourite.
Killing monsters with swords and crossbows is great fun.
I think the larger maps of UT200x dilute the amount of Chaos happening as it may take a while to find a Relic.