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Re: Botpathing request thread

Post by sektor2111 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 4:26 pm

Bumping during working/testing stages:
I replaced teleporters doing manual disconnecting/connecting and moving nodes (I don't want to rebuild/edit all paths again), all these are coming from Teleporter's setting bChangeYaw or NOT bChangeYaw depending on direction from where Bot is coming to destination teleporter - else this can be set but I'm not sure if it's always respected by Sir Bot.
I can see here a different deal of engine for Player vs Bot. I placed kicker helpers in teleporter's radius for preventing a teleporter lock by evil players. Kicker seems to work mainly 99% if not 100% for Players, not really 70% for Bots. Funky stuff they do when are in tactical moves like they do around a PathNode. Teleporter's "accept" and "touch" functions have some words to say here which I rewritten because I think PickDestination might not be called as I expected and then I must follow RouteCache[x] rule, more exactly RouteCache[2] if has a good trace-line after teleporting, hacking direction or else moron is moving back in Teleporter and it's teleporting where he came from - looping like that for ages. Here Teleporters are Two-Way and that's why we might have these issues. So far UE v440 was showing a game including not always taking damage at jumping down - I believe it's a fall distance almost at limit... If this is frustrating somehow I can ruin a bit this "fall-damage" making pawn to not feel pain even if is jumping down from bases roofs.
Why I went for not removing Teleporters and PlayerStart from top areas:
#1 If mapper wanted a Spawn Place there, I keep his ideas in big parts;
#2 Teleporters have BRUSHES as portals. Removing them probably would need a map rebuild and I really want to completely avoid this, because they are pointless without Teleporters. Why ? I see here a desperate usage of solids (for preventing bugs ?) - there are nasty BSP cuts in stage, for me rebuilding it's a no go.
Now I have to do more testing in various environments (engine extensions and other updates) then we can discuss more after a bigger number of tests.

I think I'm done here. On-Line and Off-Line was working.
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