Botpathing request thread

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Re: Botpathing request thread

Post by sektor2111 » Sun Oct 03, 2021 8:27 am

Enslaved map looks like a laggy one to me, it also has non-colliding "rocks" and probably more others, it needs some revision because certain monsters are having orders which doesn't exist anywhere on the UT planet, I think I'm not bother to fix everything. The rest means more stuff added because even as Single Player with Automag, Enforcer and DispersionPistol I don't see too much challenge. I can happily hide behind Cannon, letting Cannon to kill monsters even if this actor is not matching environment here at all. I'm afraid that here is needed more work that making MH specific paths which are not so hard to do, we need blockers for doors which are not opened yet, etc. Perhaps at this time I have no use of this thing.

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Stage here is not very Bot friendly, Lifts need a rework, rifle area need connected manually and/or WarpZoneInfo actors relocated for generating markers where they need to be placed and not on the walls. I'll do some editing here, but if results are not valid for Bots I'll drop it away. When paths are created but impossible for being used, it's not like users are happy this way.