My Opinion about the finished AMC maps.

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My Opinion about the finished AMC maps.

Postby papercoffee » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:52 am

I just deleted the other post and merged them in single one.

My Opinion about the finished AMC maps.
    the term opinion may be the result of a person's perspective, understanding, particular feelings, beliefs, and desires.

Spoiler: show
Really nice idea with that rotating cube where you have to time your jump or you'll get crushed or deflected by that stony douchebag.
The ladder is ...not so nice. you get cought by it and can't move to the side to evade opponents or your team-mates you can't even jump to get off it quicker. It's like a death-trap where you are on show for everyone to aim at you.
Bots mostly try to use the jump pad but can't time it and get killed a lot by falling to death.
Keep this idea and develop it further.
A Woot map with a rotating object which prevents you from jumping without thinking.

Spoiler: show
Uhm... how am I supposed to play this map? What ever I do I can't reach the other side of the map when opponents keep firing at me and even with a dodge jump I'm not fast enough to get over there before that mover crushes me.Image
The design is very rudimentary but we have a nice fog. But be aware that fog won't be visible in online game.

Spoiler: show
Duuuuude WTF? That's a behemoth, a leviathan.
No, it's certainly not ugly. It's really nice designed many unnecessary details and unexpected ways to get to the enemy flag. But that's also the biggest flaw. You have soooo much to see and possibilities to move through that map that you get struck and just refuse to use any of that possibilities.
It's just too much ...give only 3 ways and the player can concentrate on strategies ...give them 8 or more ways and the player will start to camp near the flag and refuse to move.
It's a beautiful map but just too big and toooo many manifold possibilities.

Spoiler: show
Well's a typical KingJosh. Not as files size big as usual but holy sheet got my system down. lags and sometimes slowdowns. The use of real weapon helps a lot because even so you planned it to be more action packed it's certainly a better sniper map than a run and gun map. With the sniper weapons was that map fun ...but with all that no scope weapons, it wasn't. It's very open and the only way to get from the lower platforms to the upper one is via loooong ramps. If you move too much, even bots can kill you easily from the other side of the map.
Résumé, this is a really good sniper map.

Spoiler: show
YES! visually stunning and so well made ...a lot of hard work went into the details and the perfect visuals.
But not so much into game play. I don't mean that the layout bad is. It's not. But the scale of the map is just ...this map has to be bigger.
To work as a good arena you need more space for movement. I got the feeling that everything is cramped and small.
Maybe as a pure 1on1 map ok. But for your max player count it doesn't work.

Spoiler: show
Another very ambitious map. I don't like urban maps that much ...usually.
But this map is very nice. Some brush problems here and there and the bots won't really use the outer part of the map but it's very solid made. The Layout needs some work. Sure, it is supposed to be Buildings connected with each other through random stuff. And that's also the feeling. The whole map feels random and not planned. And the weapon placement isn't helping against that random feeling. The Shock Rifle and the Shield Belt are the only two items where I got the feeling they are placed on purpose. That risky place with the cars hitting you if you don't pay attention and that broken van, where ironically the best way to prevent someone from getting the Shock Rifle is a Shock Combo.
But the best part was the train ...this was a really nice surprise.

Spoiler: show
A real beauty ...the architecture is astonishing and the use of textures and the lens flare effect from the sun and everything.
But's again a very cramped map. At least I could move much better through the environment and the z-axis plays very good. The only issue I really had was with visual clarity. Sometimes I got lost and also not was somehow irritating. Sometimes I didn't know where a room is leading me. These kind of maps are very much inspired by UT2k3 or 2k4 those newer generation maps always felt like you as player are not the one who decide where to go but the map layout did. It's a feeling and I can't really explain it
I loved the outside area and was disappointed that most of the action took part inside. So much work for that surroundings and no way to play in it.

Spoiler: show
Wow... that skybox, the start room, the entire map.
This is a beautiful piece of brush-work. You have to expect that many people will rip it apart and use every bit for their own map.
I liked to play it ...but the bots seemed to disagree with me.
The map was nearly empty with 16 player. I was baffled, where is everyone? When I died (which was pretty rare) and respawned, then I did run to the next teleporter and got back into the match. but no one attacked. only a few bots on the blue team and a few on my side.
The bots got stuck in the start room or at least it seemed the didn't care that a match was happening right now. There is certainly some need of improvement for the bot pathing. And I would put the teleporter destinies on different levels of the main platform: one on top, two on the side of the middle floor and one on the lower part.
Right now are all T destinies in the centre of the middle floor, therefore the teleporters in the start room which are much farther away from each other than the tele destinies doesn't make sense to me ... I would suggest to change the teleporter entirely to a visible way in an out and then put the flag inside of the start rooms.

Spoiler: show
Nothing much to say about this map. It's a really great and solid work. This map has the potential to become a favourite for online matches.
Nothing is in the way and everything made sense. The game flow is extraordinary. When you failed in this map then it was entirely your fault.
Yes, it's a very short map ...but it was great fun.
Only the Redeemer placement was awkward.
The whole map has a nice mixture of conventional CTF gameplay and woot gameplay ...perfect pacing. Except for that water tunnel which leads under the flag and to the redeemer. This felt so much out of place. When you try to dive there you just wast your time ...the bots finished the match in the time I tried to get through the tunnel under the enemies flag base. Image

Spoiler: show
:shock: Cheeses Crust! I'm a sucker for Warp-Zones.
Ok, this map is insane and at the same time it isn't ...I love it.
That clean hologram look and all the eye-candies. What you did with the weapons is ... I'm just dissapointed that dropped weapons are the default one, I would had loved it, when they turned back to hologramisch.
The only thing I really didn't liked was the disorientation I got with every respawn. "Where am I? Ah I'm here wait, last time was there not that ramp and the Pulse Rifle... gosh darn it where am I?" then I got shot and I didn't care and just fought back. This map needs a little bit more lighting work. Some clearly distinguishable areas with maybe different colours. Every thing look similar and is also similar lighted.
And I would change the sniper and mini with projectile based equivalents of those weapons.
The Ricochet Sniper Rifle from Chaos could be interesting.

Spoiler: show
Now we got three little maps for the price of one.
DM-AMC-CalderaCrust - played with 5 bots.
This was despite it's small area a very fun and fast paced map. Who ever got the high ground, I mean the Rocket Launcher spot, was king of the map but had to defend his position from all sides and got ambushed very often. The middle part with the Ripper was nice for fast sneak attacks but was never safe because a Shock Rifle combo could reach you from below or a Rocket salvo from above. I never got to use the health packs because they were already gone when I tried. But they were meaningless anyway was everything so fast. I played this map many times in a row.
DM-AMC-Diminutive - played with 5 bots.
Even so this map is the best looking of the three it felt also to be the most boring. Too many dead ends for my taste. The Pulse and the Rocket was the most used weapons and the Sniper felt out of place for that small map. It took me two round to notice there was a Ripper in that map.
DM-AMC-EdificeDrift - played with 5 bots.
Oh I like this map, its simplicity and semi open feeling is great. I noticed that you used the crates texture from SGtech for the jump pads and then I got it that this texture on the central pillar was supposed to be some jumping mechanism as well... I rarely used it but it was a nice touch.
I would suggest to turn this into a woot stile CTF map where that jumping mechanism on the pillar is the main way to get to the opposing team platform.

    I still have problems playing it... maybe I forgot to change some files.
    I'll write about this good looking map tomorrow.
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Re: My Opinion about the finished AMC maps.

Postby editor Dave » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:02 pm

It's very interesting how some of our opinions differ: Sometimes, where I found value (e.g. BigAndUgly: lots of freedom; Gluon: tight layout), you saw issues, and vice versa (CalderaCrust with 5 players, this must have been a non-stop slaughter-fest at some spawnpoints!). This just shows how one view and not even two or three are sufficient to see if improvements are needed in a map. If the mappers like their creation, it is already a good sign for a good map - the rest may be subject to individual preferences.
[This doesn't mean improvements cannot be suggested or made, but it is probably impossible to create a map which is loved by every player.]

Btw: In my review, I described two methods to get the flag in UnderPressure, but only one worked well enough for me to score a win. :wink:
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Re: My Opinion about the finished AMC maps.

Postby papercoffee » Sun Dec 23, 2018 3:08 pm

editor Dave wrote:Btw: In my review, I described two methods to get the flag in UnderPressure, but only one worked well enough for me to score a win. :wink:

I know ...but if I go after the max player count recommended by the mapper then is this map unplayable. If you got the flag you get fragged before you can reach one of the small holes to stay safe from the press.
And going the upper way only works if the bots are in the field and shoot at each other ...then you can try to snatch the flag but you have to be very fast or all the simultaneous respawning opponents are suddenly there and frag you in no time before you reach the stairs.
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