Carlsberg beer can

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Carlsberg beer can

Post by TheDane » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:05 pm

Heres a little deco of a Carlsberg beer can you can use as you wish. It's a health pickup I made for my battle royale gamemode. the file is containing the resources needed to compile it as a decoration, hence i post it here at mapping thread. Change it to what you want to use it for :-) and remember to rename the package to avoid version mismatches if you don't embed it into the map.
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Re: Carlsberg beer can

Post by sXs-sketchpad » Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:28 pm

Would so like that as a med pickup in my server.

is this the file to do that or is it just for deco purposes sorry for my ignorance with this sort of thing I've played for many years and never got into any other parts of ut like mods and maps etc I also new to running a server but I'm learning

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Re: Carlsberg beer can

Post by Barbie » Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:42 pm

In the way it is it is not a health but a decoration. If you want to see it as health in your maps without editing and saving the map, you can code the beer as a child of "BotPack.MedBox" for example and replace the original Medboxes with it by Mutator's function "ReplaceWith()".
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Re: Carlsberg beer can

Post by OjitroC » Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:42 pm

A Carlsberg beer can health pickup 'made' from the Dane's sources - as suggested by Barbie, it's a child of MedBox with 20 health points - package name Carlsb, class name Carlsb. All 'view' scales have been reduced to 0.10000 otherwise it would have been huge.

Seen here just summoned into a map (sshot looks a bit dark, it was a darkish map, click on it to get a better view)
Here it is - all credit to The Dane :tu:
Would go well with the Heineken cans perhaps?
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