Mover lighting.

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Mover lighting.

Post by Red_Fist » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:19 am

Ok, Ok, I give, but I didn't

Here is the deal, you want a green then red trigger light to shine on a mover not using specialit but a radius of one. a 32 by 32 size mover.

Keep in mind I am using texture palate loop on the light and no dynamic setting, even though I could.

Problem, you can't see mover lighting in the editor because you have to hit "show polys" so you can never see how it ends up looking.

No matter my settings on the mover, one light would show up, or both, or not work, or work, tried setting after setting like brush and world raytrace or dynamic mover, etc etc.

I figured I wanted the start light green so I set the light close without hitting the floor or wall and only hit the mover.
Same for red light but closer being it needs to light keyframe 1 that will be farther away (16 units)

But it may, or may not work each time you run the map.

to only light a mover not walls with trigger lights.

All you have to do is set the second triggered light with a delay a tad longer than the mover.

Reason being is the lighting on movers is done during the build of the map.
So if one light is at keyframe Zero and the other is OFF at keyframe Zero during the build. The second light will be OFF during the build as far as the mover is concerned and setting the brush raytrace or world raytrace varied if it worked or not.

The triggering was working by seeing my weapon, so the triggering was working but not on the mover, even though I had it working, it just seemed random.

So if you build a delay in the keyframe 1 shining triggerlight (or last keyframe), the light that is last, THEN the mover will just get lit.
I think I set the mover to dynamic lighting and both raytrace at zero, being I knew my first triggerlight will be at keyframe Zero at build time.

Having said all that, I am 90% full of sh_t.
The problem I mean is for a 1 radius light on a mover. BUT I deleted my trigger light and added a new one it seemed to fix my problem.

So it must be using texture palate loop that was causing the problem, it just didn't work or it would work.
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