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Re: [SOLVED] How to make descending smoke

Posted: Sun May 24, 2020 5:27 pm
by SteadZ
The most efficient particle system is the one created for 227 by dots, which also has an Unreal Tournament variant that I think most people are unaware of. However it is efficient because most of the scripting is done in C, so it requires a .dll that if I'm not mistaken causes issues for online play unless you already have it downloaded.
There's also RParticles by Raven and UElite by UArchitect but how efficient they are comparitively I am unsure of.

Re: [SOLVED] How to make descending smoke

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 11:19 pm
by Feralidragon
Yeah, the one from Dots is far more efficient for exactly that reason, but depending on native addons brings the issue you mentioned: the map cannot be hosted/played online (unless the server admin adds that package to NPLoader).
Also, since that package is extremely old by now and not actively maintained, and with new incoming patches, it may actually stop working in the future, or may not work at all now in some systems (I doubt they work in Mac, but I could be wrong).
So it's best to maybe wait for future patches to include some sort of particles system to use native ones, even if it's actually the one from Dots from U227.

I have also heard of RParticles, but I think at the time I made mine, those were either not working very well, or weren't very efficient, or didn't work well online or at all, I don't really remember what their problem was at the time, but I remember them having some sort of problem or limitation, being one of the reasons I made mine.

Never heard of UElite, but I do remember seeing screenshots from UArch years ago working on something along those lines for a specific SP project, and they looked great.

Re: [SOLVED] How to make descending smoke

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2020 1:06 pm
by Sat42
I forgot to reply to the added info on particle systems:

@Feralidragon: thank you for the detailed info! I think thanks to the upcoming fan patch for UT99, we should have more cross compatibility between U227 and UT99 in the near future. Besides that, my interest is solely in single player adventures, which makes third party dependency less problematical.
I have checked out InversalLiandri and I love how you expanded upon things like coronas! Also yeah the weather system is neat.

@SteadZ: thanks also for the heads up on dots' particle system :)