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Re: DM-Suburbs

Post by Tyr » Mon Feb 08, 2021 11:43 am

Looks great!

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Re: DM-Suburbs

Post by sektor2111 » Mon Feb 08, 2021 11:30 pm

papercoffee wrote:
Sun Feb 07, 2021 9:05 pm
@sektor2111 Do you have an idea how a bot can be forced to walk/climb that kind of lattices here?
At your service:
Before assumptions (I did not feel map yet) there are around... two (maybe more) options:
- Using Combo LiftExit-LiftCenter-LiftExit - if these are "walk-able" normally and Hit-Wall won't mess stepping - if stepping is possible;
- Using Combo LiftExit-JumpSpot-LiftExit - There will require some inventory such as Translocator UT_JumpBoots ImpactHammer.

Other "Air-Planes" in head - tested assets in whatever cases - not really identical but bad-ass ones:
- sWjumpPad by community - always good for any creature with BRAINS_Human hunting from long ranges;
- some blind teleporter which I wrote a few time ago when I was drunk - ONLY for TRANSLOCATOR;
- combo LE-LC-LE combined with a kicker - need some good setup or else this is turned in a "great loop";
- blind teleporters like FV_LinkedPoint by Higor as Walking motivation;
- Editor 227h 227i and PathsLinker - demand an user reachSpec (even PathNodes are usable here) : Radius-115 Height-110, Flags 1 or 9. Distance is computed automatically. -> Only if zone supports walking out of "HitWall" troubles - or claim a connection specific to 227 as "forcedpaths", bytes which later can be "washed" from UT Editor by simply re-saving map from there after the trip through 227 - if textures are not going crapped and they will need fixed with 469.
- Buggie's zoning soup spoofing WarpZones and connecting for "Walking" routes with WarpZoneMarkers;
- XC_EditorAdds - claim a connection type "Event-Tag" between these two and they will gain an "intelligent reachSpec" ReachFlags = 32 addressing "chess players" aka BRAINS_Human Pawns - here it is advisable a detailed examination because XC might do also impossible reachSpecs making pawns to look like real idiots;
- claim any connection but... using a zone with negative gravity - Pawn won't go back through and then... it needs a One-Way Path adding a jump-down more far around, plain PathNodes somewhere under 1000 or 900 UU will get connected down-way with reachFlag 9 by Editor itself;
- A fake navigable zone - by claiming a WaterZone around these two points I'll bet on 10$ that you'll gain a swimming route which Bot won't deny because... I tested these when I wanted "paths over boxes" - lol - later, you can reconstruct map without pathing check-box marked - swimming paths remaining there;
If Navigation between those points is not supporting normal Walk due to stairs (it depends on stepping dimensions), you need to stick with stock Jumpy combos LE-JS-LE.

I might recommend a custom WaterZone. Purpose ? This is "Water-Zone" only in Editor for pathing "heavy" spots. In run-time during a simulated function will switch to a common zone itself - it's about a few lines. I did not test this thing but I'll do that...

Did I forget anything else ? Let me know...

If you need samples about Plain Paths Vs Zone tricking, let me know... I don't want to go more off-topic here, it's not my thread.
This is what I was talking/posting about:

Code: Select all

class MorphPathZone expands WaterZone;

	This is only for connecting nodes - purpose is mapping paths in Editor - they will have reachSpecs with R_SWIM reachflag = 4
	Bots are not having issues here since they are capable to swim so they won't discard these routes.
	In run-time zone is a normal one and then it needs a wise placement or else generating
	impossible paths won't be nice.

simulated Function PreBeginPlay()
	bWaterZone = False;