The Really Series

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The Really Series

Post by Diego_HoF » Sat Apr 10, 2021 12:35 am

Ok guys, here there are 4 DM maps that are consider for me to be Joke maps, stages that are weird to fight with colorful textures and silly music


Starting from left to right
  • Honeycomb:A stage that use hexagon shape areas,where you have to move towards the center to find your targets and powerups however it is also the most dangerous area due to be able to be attacked in multiple ways and enemies
  • Pit: A simple map where you fight in a lava pit, and no I didn´t use MK theme song for it, i use something different, anyway this is a IG with low gravity, just careful when jumping or you will be a easy target
  • Pyramid: This is a revamp version of the Map call Small created by me, the area is the same but now multiple pyramids are in the area, blocking or implusing you to victory
  • ReallySmall: The original joke map, this one was created because a friend I play was complaining about my maps being big so i created a really small map for him, with 2 IG and thats it, have fun with the spawnkilling
If issues occur, please inform me to fix them since i am worry of my quality on the maps
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