Godzilla vs Salley Deth de Wicked

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Godzilla vs Salley Deth de Wicked

Post by jmartin » Mon Sep 06, 2021 12:35 am

Hey all.

Here's a minor spin off of the Godzilla maps.

You guys get first dibbs before adding it to the web site.

Godzilla vs Henry :-)

This map is dedicated to Salley Deth de Wicked and Gina who were two of the coolest Unreal chicks ever. Salley not only made her own maps, but she also ran her own server (Yellow Sub) website and online forum called Riot-Girl.net. It was the hippest place to chill back in the 90's.

One of her maps entitled “Bunny Rabbit Stew” featured a Titan dressed in purple overalls and daisies named “Henry” who would chase you around a garden full of bunny heads and easter eggs.

Silly?, yes, but I just couldn't resist. :-)

Thanks so much Salley for the memories, and best wishes.


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Re: Godzilla vs Salley Deth de Wicked

Post by EvilGrins » Mon Sep 06, 2021 3:42 am

Yeah, I re-skinned Henry a stretch back. Thought he could use a more festive shirt and denim coveralls.
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