DM-NRMC-VakitonFinal (Vakiton Factory: Final Edition)

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DM-NRMC-VakitonFinal (Vakiton Factory: Final Edition)

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Hello everyone! :) I know several people and groups have been playing my Vakiton map, and they have pointed several things out to me since the mappack was released. I created the Second Edition and requested to UnrealGGecko for an update because the First Edition did not work on clients from 400-451 due to the outside lighting that was in place. The Second Edition _did_ work on all clients, but there was several issues that others including myself have pulled into question, mainly visual anomolies.

So I did a fix-up! :) I worked on and off for 4 months (early April to August 1) adding in various things (Easter Eggs, driving cars on the roads, new billboards, etc.) while fixing texture misalignments and "floating brushes" (the glass skylight above the armor had a floating piece of glass, not very noticeable to most but several people noticed it including myself).

I should mention a great thanks to isense/esnesi for allowing me to use Friday Frag Night (FFN) images alongside Shade for allowing me to have access to the PSD of the logo, and of course for Zim for giving me permission to use his Gibblets logo, all 3 for textures on the billboards.

HOPEFULLY this map is bug free now, but we'll see on that front.

A big thank you to everyone who enjoyed the map when the mappack was released. :mrgreen:

Oh, and another thing: I made two versions of this map, the normal version and a 469 version. The only difference between the two is the outside lighting, which looks more natural (and has shadows) in the 469 version, whereas in the normal version the outside uses ZoneLight to provide general lighting (alongside lighting from the street lamps and the entranceway to the factory and the docking station out back). :tu:


Here are the download links:

P.S. I will be making a Monster Hunt version of this map in the future, so stay tuned for that! It could be next year, or in 5 years. Whenever really, it depends on how much free time I have. :ironic:

Thanks all for the magical NRMC (No Rules Mapping Contest) of last year, it was an honour and a pleasure to participate in, and perhaps..._just_ perhaps, I may participate in other contests down the road. :D

Until next time, take care my friends! :mrgreen:

EDIT: There has been reports of an oversight that I did during development (keyphrase: I'm an idiot :facepalm: ) that the map uses my RUFXMappingEssentials.u package. Well...the file, RUFXMappingEssentials.u, is still going to be updated from time to time, but I'll be making a separate thread for that when the time comes. Until then, I deem the package in its current state, Alpha 1.5, as perfectly usable and acceptable to be spread into the wild! :) I will not repackage the ZIP file, but if anything, perhaps it is time to showcase to the world my "Pet Project for UT". I won't say much now into what this package does, but feel free to load it in the editor yourself and check it out. I'll be making a thread (eventually) on the package, and an official Download Link to said package on my clan's future website. My apologies for this error, but the posiitve news is y'all get access to the first public preview of the RUFXMappingEssentials.u package. Oh, and one last thing, _if_ you want to use RUFXMappingEssentials.u in your project, please email me (or message UnrealGGecko) first. :) Thanks everyone for your understanding, and my apologies for the confusion! :) (I'm a f***ing idiot :facepalm: )

EDIT 2: I noticed a lighting issue with Vakiton Final, the regular version (the 469 version is not affected). Therefore, I created a Fix1. My apologies for this in advance! :sad2:
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