UTED to dark

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UTED to dark

Post by Hitman »

I got a weird problem that colored window left down is way to dark, so when I bright it up and looks ok it looks shit-bright when I play it on the server, I use the 469C version
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Re: UTED to dark

Post by fudgonaut »

By "colored window left down," do you mean the Dynamic Light viewport in UnrealEd? If that's the case, yeah, I get the same issue.

Have you tried switching renderers?

I've been told by a couple people to switch renderers, sadly for me OpenGL looks better in UnrealEd, but too bright in-game while DirectX9 looks good in-game, but too dark to accurately do lighting in UnrealEd.

This problem might be specific to my GPU/system, you migh have better luck. Give it a try
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