Whiteys BT map (WIP)

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Whiteys BT map (WIP)

Post by Whitey » Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:32 am

So I do quite a bit of mapping ( never really released any maps though because I tend not to finish them). And I prefer mapping Bunny Track maps.
But I am enjoying making this map. And am hoping sometime in the next month or 2 to finish it. And then release it.
It's probably only 1/4 finished, lighting and rooms/architecture is not 100% finished. Most of what you are going to see is just ideas and rough lighting.

So I would like criticism, constructive or not I don't care. Tell me what to improve on or suggestions are very much welcome (one thing I struggle with is ideas)

So here is the Overview from UED

Here is beginning corridor.

Here is the first room with a crane that drops and you use it as a lift jump( need to be quick though)

Crusher corridor.

Lift jump to higher platform

Room only roughly built and far from finished( would like some suggestions here)

Again this room only roughly built. And far from finished.

I will probably still add about 5-6 more rooms on this map.
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Re: Whiteys BT map (WIP)

Post by Myth » Tue Sep 14, 2010 6:02 pm

I can't make out what kind of traps, jumps ect you've got in there.
But here are a few things you could do about those visuals.

• The lighting is boring. UT has colored lights AND light-maps for a reason. Use them well.
• Some of those rooms look like a stretched cube whit some random pieces of geometry hanging from the walls/ceiling.
• Is that lava under the starting corridor? It looks like vegetable soup. How about boosting its colors and lights so that it looks more intense.

Not that these points really matter... what matters is that I hate those nearly impossible BT maps, but then again I'm not a very good BT player and I haven't finished many BT maps.

Good luck on finishing this map.

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