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Postby sektor2111 » Sun Feb 24, 2019 1:49 pm

For the moment I have this toy which I was using for various tasks in Editor.
(197.27 KiB) Downloaded 14 times

It will have more if... I don't know... maybe people will finally make maps for UE1 in UT Editor and not for UT4 or whatever...
This is a builder for Editor, but it won't make brushes, it might be removing Garbage from map - I think has a self-explanatory name.
The mention here - nearby already written document - is purging duplicated actors and trying to have original untouched.
Steps for cleaning Evil maps:
- make a backup of said map;
- start Editor - load map - check it. By any matter close everything after this initial check - even if map is good or not - some tags can be changed, so don't save it or fix duplicates in this same editing session;
- for cleaning map, Editor will need another clean session with Evil map fresh loaded and nothing else edited;
- set the two bools values bCheckDuplicates and bRemoveDuplicates and press Build button. Save immediately a copy and close Editor if is alive and not crashed;
- open Editor and the new copy-map. Look for previous duplicated actors if map has them in a single copy and not screwed;
- another cleaning method is available but... requires the same single task/session unless you'll get bDeleteMe actors vanished later and screwing map;
- If map has duplicated InventorySpot actors with navigation references then... probably builder won't help you alone, you have to work map "manually" later...

Installing builder is simple and described in document at once with what this builder might do. Builder has a paths checker/viewer which mainly shows in words what XC_EditorAdds shows in images - but mappers are not understanding... This builder is my default tool for writing patch files capable of doing those One-Way paths which Editor is screwing up because it shows reachspec index which can be removed manually from a PathNode and other nearby ones using advanced actor editing... I even removed all PrunedPaths[x] bugging me...
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