Looking for a good pathing tutorial

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Re: Looking for a good pathing tutorial

Post by sektor2111 » Mon Dec 14, 2020 10:01 pm

Perhaps not a great idea but... somehow a bit useful for slowing down Engine spam at hitting boundaries regarding to 1000 paths bla bla and the rest of stupid logging.
By using manual Paths Editing, I went to add some "short" paths over others longer inspired from... Teleporters - lol - but plain ground paths. Why ? Instead of processing 7-8 paths for getting into a point more far, it is about 1 or 2 paths and having normal paths for closer items.
Bot is helped, not really my Bots. Capping hits are seldom happening in bad physics but... I think Epic Town has now Bot Support...
Sample of a Looong very "short" path around short reachSpec declared but in reality it has more...:
Is that even used ? Yes, not very few times. If Bot is bugged by enemy between nodes has chances to discard current MoveTarget but it resumes navigation due to other routes needed for crawling nearby buildings. Long-Short path is helping for finding items far away in the same processing type as closer paths and reducing pathing counter. Such a Path is a sort of pruned-path but it's mandatory having others around or else Bot won't resume navigation between points or it's just looping if an obstruction causes a state change somewhere in the wild, too far from any node. In cases of "Lost" pawn a timed brain controller might unlock Bot to the nearest node in range with any matter - my custom Bots are already having capability to enter into network from long ranges WITHOUT C++ native support which would be FASTER, but... Who cares ?
These plain polygons aka streets I think are supporting more such "shortcuts" and I've done a few such paths which seem used...
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