Friday The 13th BlackJacks Return

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Friday The 13th BlackJacks Return

Post by Wildcard » Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:49 pm


Finally it's Friday the 13th again. Over at GateWays we always have a special event something wicked going on It's tradition! :mad2:

This time BlackJack is back again once more to make you suffer and he's back with attitude!
Who is BlackJack? a ridiculously powerful monster with many oppressive attacks and is psychotic to the point that he hates it when you stare at him!

Where: GateWays
Port: 7777

When: Friday the 13th until the end of Monday on the 17th.

ALSO: BlackJack has very strong language and if this is something you don't want then make sure you have mature taunts disabled!


How will you face him? There are two different game types we have at Gateways
SiegeXtreme Monster Madness: Siege where you must prepare and protect your core to survive the invasion of monsters.
Gauntlet: Kill all the monster spawning gateways in the map in time to win

in Monster Siege The games goes normal but after 13 minutes in game BlackJack possesses any monster in the map and your left with the terrifying question of where the hell could he be and how to locate him first before he locates you and your base and destroys everything!

In Gauntlet once you destroy all the gateways the normal bosses that spawn like titans queens and Giga Skaarj are all replaced with BlackJacks!

Since BlackJack has an obscene amount of health he comes with a fancy healthbar

If BlackJack is struck by a single Super Protector projectile he will go berserk on it and star firing rapid fire hatevision at it while flying towards it BE SURE to have your Super Protector in a place that isn't near everything you love and care about because he won't stop at just that Super Protector for all it did was make him mad as hell!

BlackJack is very paranoid even if he doesn't see you and your close to him and looking at him he can feel the heat of your staring and may just at any moment turn around and YELL at you DON'T F****INK STARE AT ME!!!!!! and unload on you. This counts even if your scouting him with a sniper rifle from a mile away. He absolutely hates it when people stare at him

In Monster Siege BlackJack can sometimes be optional if your able to locate him and then coordinate with your team on how to chicken out and kill the rest of the monsters quietly on your way to snuff out the blue core. If BlackJack is in your teams path and you have no choice but to confront him try to bring the fight away from your base and buildings and especially your spawn points BlackJack has no shame he'll spawn kill your whole team with mass destruction till your core goes to zero and it's all over!

Hope you enjoy the mayhem It will run until the end of Monday on the 17th.

I'd like to give my thanks to FeraliDragon and NaliWeapons 3 for a very useful function from the NaliWeapons 3 Core that allowed me to find out an actors x y location on the canvas that was incredibly usefull for helping me solve the problem with BlackJack actually being able to know when your staring at him which I mention he absolutely hate it when you do that! oh yeah! Thanks again FeraliDragon.

simulated static function bool LocToCanvas(out vector OutXY, vector Loc, vector ViewOrigin, rotator ViewRot, canvas Canvas, optional bool returnPrecision)

Saved the day.

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Re: Friday The 13th BlackJacks Return

Post by EvilGrins » Sat Sep 14, 2013 12:53 am

Is Blackjack a person or a bot on crack?

He sounds like one of those superbots in the mutator for the Golden Reavers.

This thing: ... er-mutator

Mature taunts? Pfft. My bots swear so much with voicepacks they use could put a sailor to shame.
medor wrote:Replace Skaarj with EvilGrins :mrgreen:
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