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Re: 1st Annual RIVAL RUMBLE

Post by Dr.Flay » Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:39 am

You just need to keep the ball rolling now it is in motion.
You need to hash-tag the crap out of it also.
Global Unreal get a good amount of viewers, but they have built that following by having regular streams of various games.

Point your friend doing the stream, to Raynors thread on tweaking. It was either a bad connection or his UT was laggy.

Try the mods I suggest on your own PC, and with the Hi-Res textures that suit your GFX RAM.
Models like Binky, Abbey, WH40K Space Marine, and the Chreks are all well animated.
Spectate on a bot-match in Deck-16 and look at the new ambience and effects :tu:
The players do not need the Hi-res textures, only whoever is streaming, so downloads are minimal.

If you want to push the angle of rivals, you could have Halo Masterchief vs Brock or Malcolm, Alien vs Predator,
Alice vs Lara, Stewie vs Cartman, Bender vs Xan, etc.

I would also recommend the music played during matches, be free remixes or mashups so you can avoid any issues from the music industry.


Re: 1st Annual RIVAL RUMBLE

Post by ASLY » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:46 am

Dr.Flay wrote:...The players do not need the Hi-res textures...
How it's looks that? Screenshot? I never heard there is Hi-Res textures for skins.