Lesson 6 - Your First Weapon

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Re: Lesson 6 - Your First Weapon

Postby nogardilaref » Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:26 am

redgrape404 wrote:Good cause I want to make a mutator that wound make the Enforcers fire pulse ammo same thing with the minigun but how do I do that?

You should figure that one out for yourself. :wink:
Generally each weapon works in a different way from the others, but they share the same basic flow.

The enforcer is a rather tricky weapon to start with, therefore I suggest that instead that you look at simpler weapons such as the ripper or flak cannon first.
Extend them into a new class and do whichever experiments you want to start to understand how they work.

After you do that and understand the basic flow of a weapon, you can then look at weapons such as shockrifle which puts you halfway there.
And after you do that one, you can finally look at the enforcer. :tu:
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