UT performance fixer

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UT performance fixer

Post by ShaiHulud »

Several times in the past I've used Inno Setup to create installers for applications (there are popular alternatives, like Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) but I wonder whether we might be able to compile a list of the modifications that are required to get UT running smoothly on more recent editions of the Windows operating system, and then create an installer for them to cover all hardware/operating system variations.

That'd save new/returning players from having to scour the net to track down updates for their specific set-up. The trouble is, I only have my machine to test things on, so it'd need input from as many people as possible to have a chance of being a useful resource.

Take my configuration as an example:

Operating System: Windows Vista Service Pack 2
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 4400 -> 2GHz, 2 cores
Graphics card: GeForce 8600GT

Step(s) required for acceptable gameplay: Install updated D3D9 renderer

So I suppose we'd need to try to compile a list of fixes for AMD vs Intel, GeForce vs Radeon, single core processor vs multi-core processor for each edition of Windows - or something along those lines. Worth pursuing?
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Re: UT performance fixer

Post by Dr.Flay »

Well, to start with, to be useful for the latest hardware it should be using the latest supported renderers, not something from 6 years ago.
Chris handed development to Smirftsch at OldUnreal.

Adding an exception to Windows DEP needs to be done, and a link given to fetch the full DirectX 9 installer
New UT startup and default ini files need to be made with all the missing info for all the new renderers.
New defaults need to be agreed upon.