[WIP]UTstats screenshots plugin

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[WIP]UTstats screenshots plugin

Post by UT Sniper (SJA94) » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:29 am

Notice: This is a test version there is most likely some bugs floating around and some features haven't been added yet.

Utstats screenshots is a plugin for UTStats(Version 428), this plugin adds match screenshots for support gametypes on match report pages.
The screenshots are created by a HTML5 canvas using javascript client side and are forced to a 16:9 ratio.

https://github.com/scottadkin/UTstats-c ... ots-plugin

# Install

First install all the files in their correct places:
- match_screenshot.js goes in the utstats home directory (utstats/).
- pages/match_screenshot.php goes in the (utstats/pages/) directory,
- includes/screenshot.php goes in the (utstats/includes/) directory,
- sshots/ goes in the (utstats/images/) directory

Now to add the module to your pages/match_info.php file:

- Add this line before the last if statement on the file(~Line: 73)":
require_once 'pages/match_screenshot.php';

# How to add screenshots
- To add new screenshots for different maps simply take a screenshot in game, convert it to a .jpg file and save it as the map files name in lowercase, e.g CTF-Face.unr will be ctf-face.jpg.
- Place the new image file into the images/sshots/ folder.

# Supported game types

If a gametype is not supported the module will not load to save bandwidth.

- tournament team game
- tournament deathmmatch
- last man standing
- domination
- capture the flag
- assault

# Examples

-CTF match
-DM match
-Team deathmatch/domination match (4 teams)
-Team deathmatch/domination match (3 teams)
-Team deathmatch/domination match (2 teams)