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Re: t3d to obj

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MikMogus wrote: Mon Sep 20, 2021 4:01 am Hi, I made my account just to post this, apologies for the necro. Wanted to say thanks for making this converter, been having a blast with it.
that's pretty neat, I'm glad it's useful. the DX render looks cool, I assume you generated the normal maps via some automated tool (like crazybump)?

I've uploaded a new version (1.1) - had to double a certain epsilon so that some polygons are being cut properly during the CSG stage (this only happened with some maps with really bad topology)
v1.2 up now - no functional changes, except that the executable is now signed with a certificate to improve trust and validate that it hasn't been tampered with
v1.3 up now - faster CSG for large maps
v1.5 up now - minor fixes, optional custom yaw rotation, merge final polys after CSG, much smaller binary, experimental support for quake .map files
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Re: t3d to obj

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In case if original link gone, there backup:
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kmar wrote: Sat Apr 18, 2020 6:42 pm There should be no extra steps involed, just open in UnrealEd and export as .t3d. I tried DM-Deck16 and CTF-Face and both export just fine.
I've no idea what happened, are you sure the program you use to open obj files displays everything it should? I tried to open the exported files Blender and saw no problems at all.
What map have you tried to export so that I can investigate and rule out a possible CSG bug?

Even with missing textures, the geometry should export just fine (except that uvs will be off).
Here's the zip with the obj files for Deck16 and Face:

I've uploaded a new version (0.7) that can triangulate the polygons before exporting, just specify -t at command line to see if it helps with your problem (by default, polygons are not triangulated)
I had to create an account to thank you for this!
Been busy for like last 72 hours getting some of the best DM maps ever made, and thats pretty much them golden olden, i finished getting the Coconut Monkey Pack from Q2 (Savage, truly savage were those) into Roblox and some of the Q2 gun models as well, and next up were these 2 bad boys. And now that i just found these, i probably best use the time won by not having to do much for these myself with installing UT and also grabbing some guns from there to use in Roblox. And also play UT a bit ofcourse, i was surprised by how active Q2 became again with the RTX and some other enhanced version.

I'll keep the hardest of all my tasks for the last (Trying to get the most amazing FPS movement and physics engine ever made into Roblox, but that for sure is going to be a bitch now that i've read about the math behind it all hehe)

P.S. I could spent an hour searching this site and using google on how to best play UT nowadays but i might as well ask here :highfive: :lol2: