Importing Deus Ex animated character model to Unreal/UT99

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Importing Deus Ex animated character model to Unreal/UT99

Post by Sat42 » Sun May 24, 2020 12:01 pm

Hi all,

Some time ago, I discovered UMS Solaris, a single player adventure made by Swordtail for Unreal/UT99. It's notable for many reasons, the one most relevant to this topic being the use of a cat ScriptedPawn ripped straight out of Deus Ex!

The cat has the mesh, animation frames, textures and sounds from Deus Ex, but the actual class script is taken from the Nali Cow in Unreal.

I always thought it was a shame that Unreal/UT99 lacked decent human character models (and associated animations) for roles other than fighting. Like a bartender, for example. Yes, my focus is on single player mods, but I can imagine MP maps making use of a bartender in a cafe or something (like the one found in DM-ZahltagOps). Maybe as innocent bystanders if nothing else :P

Naturally, I turned to Deus Ex: one of my favourite games, same engine, etc. Plus, it's been done before (see UMS Solaris).

Forgive my ignorance, then, for this is the first time I am attempting such a conversion.

I found Tack's Deus Ex Mesh Tool (DXMeshTool, v0.02), which is old as dirt and still works on Windows 7 64 bit (I got it from here: ... hTool.html). The Mesh Extractor allows you to export meshes from Deus Ex into MilkShape 3D and Lightwave 6.5 formats.
I tested this tool and managed to export the bartender with all animation frames (all 358 of them!) + textures (6 .pcx files) into both MilkShape 3D and Lightwave 6.5 formats. I really only need standing idle (breathing) animations but took everything for the sake of experimentation.

Now for my actual problem! :mrgreen:

Lightwave 6.5 is no longer legally available - vastly outdated compared to latest versions - but if I could get my hands on it I would!
I am going to wager that the MilkShape 3D of 2000 is not like the latest version, either.
Finding old versions of these programs might be impossible.

Does anyone here have experience importing Deus Ex animated character models into Unreal/UT99?
Is MilkShape 3D still relevant for this? what about Lightwave, for that matter?

I know Blender is free and awesome, but I vaguely read people running into issues with more modern versions (plugins no longer functioning, no animations etc.).

Ultimately, I would just like to reiterate the exploit of UMS Solaris. And no, I don't have the ambition of importing the Deus Ex conversation system et al. - that is way too much work for the effect I want! :o

Any help would be appreciated! :)