An UnrealScript browser

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An UnrealScript browser

Post by Shrimp » Sat Jun 18, 2022 5:48 am

When I started working on Monster Hunt I realised I'd forgotten most of the tools and things, forgot how to do basic things like dumping scripts or remembering where to get them, etc.

I started on this tool:

I know there are tools like UnCodeX which do more-or-less the same and perhaps more extensively, but I also like to make new tools that keep things moving with recent technologies, , since those tools got us through the last 20 years, we also need things that will get us through the next 20.

Anyway, it's JavaScript heavy single-page-app style stuff, so you need JS enabled.

Some of the features are:
  • support for browsing multiple games/versions sources
  • type aware variable/member linking. eg: a local variable defined as local PlayerPawn player; with code later player.PlayerReplicationInfo.HasFlag means that clicking on HasFlag can take you to the variable (or function) definition in PlayerReplicationInfo based on correct type referencing
  • lots of other inter-linking niceties not based on regex assumptions
  • choose a custom style!
  • download the source package directly!
One limitation it has currently is that it doesn't understand type casting yet, which I'll probably add later.

As usual it's MIT licenced, and the code is here:

I need to do some work on a README to explain how it works, since it's also mostly designed to work offline so you can build it yourself without web hosting needed.

As part of the source there's also a fairly comprehensive ANTLR4 UnrealScript grammar definition, so if anyone wants to do more advanced stuff with UnrealScript code parsing in the future, feel free to use that.

I have a request though: Does anyone have an archive of the following, which they can send to me:
  • Unreal 226 Final scripts
  • Unreal 227 (latest) scripts
I would like to add these as well.
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