Tool: T3D polygon splitter/recomposer

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Tool: T3D polygon splitter/recomposer

Post by Voodoo Doll » Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:31 pm

I can't decide where to place this. If need, move the topic, plz.

This tool allows to split polygons from text brush into separate files, sorting them by texture, or change the order of them in the T3D file to meet order of polygons in another T3D file. I'm using it to prepare 3 MeshMaker prefabs for my own weapons meshes. This eliminates texture mismatch errors on different meshes of weapon, for example if first texture of PickupViewMesh differs form first texture of ThirdPersonMesh. This is enough to create simple unanimated weapon with custom look. For 1st person view I even made it animated :) Via playerviewoffset.x alering from timer().

Example: 3rd person view have textures A,B,C,D; 1st view - A,C,D; pickup - A,D.
Right order of texures: on pickup - A,D; on 1st - A,D,C; on 3rd - A,D,C,B.

Program restrictions:
- up to 8 textures on the brush (more will be ignored) - same as MeshMaker;
- up to 1000 vertex on each polygon (you can change this, source code is added).

Working with program:
On the first run application will create it's own key in HKCU\Console key of system registry. There will be stored size of window, font and other Windows stuff.
After restart program will show menu.
To open/close T3D use first two commands. File name shold be written with .t3d extenstion.
Before changing order need to List textures and Split them. Once it's done, program will save .tex files with polygons matched by texture in the current directory. If you will chose now Save As, the program will save new T3D with polygons sorted by texture.
To change order select this command. Right menu with textures will be active. To navigate there use Up/Down keys, to move textures - Page Up/Page Down keys. Enter will back to main menu.
If you select Save (not Save As), you should to close file (on exit program closes open file, if there is one).
If .tex files are not needed, you can remove them by Delete texture files command.

The source is FPC. Complier may be downloaded at To build application use command: fpc.exe -O3 -Os -Xs -XX utbpsr.pas
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Re: Tool: T3D polygon splitter/recomposer

Post by Feralidragon » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:01 pm

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Sounds like a nice tool, although I *strongly* advice anyone wanting to do their own weapons and models to NOT use BSP as base for anything. Learning how to do your own models in a 3rd party application is by far less painfull, and you have the advantage of cool features you don't have with BSP (animation for example, proper UV mapping, etc).