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LogoMaker (online) Quick -n- Easy

Post by Wises » Wed May 08, 2013 12:16 pm

Well I was working on some forums.. and kinda grabbed a template and made some modifications.
Ive done a bit of photoshop before , so I just wanted something to slap together for our small community.
anyway I found this;


which allows for easy Logo Making ^_^

This is kinda what I slapped together using it;


Is just a modification to the WoW Template for our servers BTW.

few tips on getting logo's into your own templates I guess;

- make sure you set background to Transparent (will save as .png 128bit)
- on your template right-click the logo area?.. and save-as (what ever it is called)
- Open PhotoShop and import Both the Original Logo , as well as your ready-made logo
- Resize Logo over the Top of the original image.
- Save as Original Images Name
- Upload (OverWrite) the Original Image on the Server.

^ Guess that about covers it.

- Files Modified for this template were
> logo.png
> navigation_bg.png
> bg-homepage.png

found in ; Theme > Images (Folder) for this particular theme.