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UMOD Browser

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Another "must-have" tool by Jan "eGo" Urbansky (and overdue for its own thread)
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If you have moved your folder, or have installed more games that also share the "UMOD" filetype, then you will have problems installing many mods.

UMOD Browser supports many Unreal engine games, and is the only solution if you have UT and Unreal.
IMPORTANT: You must configure UMOD Browser to point at all of the games you use.
Once it knows where all the "setup.exe" files are, it can launch the correct installer for the correct game (even if the registry entries are missing).
If it fails to run (I have never seen it fail), you can extract the UMOD instead. Then you can use the contents of the manifest to add any missing ini entries.

Note: Use the registry patch if you have moved your install folder.
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