Separate UPSXMon3 Release and Source

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Separate UPSXMon3 Release and Source

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) » Sun Feb 17, 2019 6:55 am


It has been there for a whle, most of the other stuff in the directory was wip. But this contains the sources, might not be all clean though like with ImplantGun but stll...


This package is mostly my "baby" as opposed to most of the other separate releases. I kept that messy source tree, lol.

Some classes have code/fixes from yrex and of course alcapowned's models are used (the initial leostuff batch - which decorations only got used in resurgence after my request to have them btw -, which had skaarj mask, fan1 fix, the vertical hawks and lampreys and I added the alpha araknid mesh too and changed it into the icespider as my own personal variant, also the stingray had additional anims added by alcapowned).
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