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Re: Zenith?

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) » Mon May 30, 2022 1:37 am

For those interested, here is the zenith coop version I've been making for 3's server.


The tragedy of this is that while making this/working on this I was thrown out twice in between even and was stuck homeless. Let's hope that its the end of the curse, its like doing this brought the curse on....

Some of the stuff is more in mind with 3's setup, there's also the addition of the "psx rework" weapons, mostly because most zenith ones were too buggy or didn't work online, though selected few zenith weapons are still used. It is a bit of a mess and some stuff if you manage to get it stuck can be bypassed by grab keys and what not...but still it was a major task despite not being perfect. Most of the scriptwarnings have been fixed, there was spam of the messages that could make the log grow enormous very soon. The vehicle maps are skipped btw. The main reason for this was also to get rid of the dll dependancy as it made the players that didnt have zenith not being able to join at all. There was one music track that i didn't have with the supplied older version zenith music (the umx files) hence why i used one of the upb tracks in its place. Overall it is a unique experience, but recommended to play this on 3's...
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