Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Maps, mods and resources ported from or to Unreal.
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by Delacroix »

Archive updated with the latest patch that was just released on Moddb.
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by UnrealGGecko »

First post updated by request and template of Delacroix and permission of Leo :)
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by Esvin »

Hi. I'm fan of this mod.
This is the game I play in coop every winter with my girlfried, this one and Synergy. It's a great joy to discover new updates! Well done and thank you for this wonderful job! We love to travel in your work of passion, but we fear by peaks of difficulty. I share here our frustrations, just subjective thoughts, that last and don't allow us to fully enjoy ourselves, even if some aren't necessarily felt by other players. First of all, I would like to point out that these are only details, and that this represents little next to our pleasure. You give us a true great level of fun!
Note: I'm not an English speaker, so I may have made some mistakes.
Episode 1
Frustration rank: 1/5
• The path that allows us not to die in toxic water is hardly visible. Did I miss out on configuring the game better?
It isn't explicit that water will kill us. By forgetting to look up and find the Toxin Suit, we thought the passage was safe.
• We would need more health.

Frustration rank: 1/5
• I got here by choice or because of a failed jump.
I have a lot of armor and health but I must to kill myself in the lava.
I guess the testers have good technique, but I don't know which one.

• The trigger is blocked in coop.
The plan B is to hit the Nalis, then go against the door.

Frustration rank: 3/5
• Heads or tails? This portal often kills me
(beacause of the loading to the next map in co-op).
Other times, I am just wounded or I am intact.
This is painful because the next map starts with 2 very difficult fights...

Image Image Image
Frustration rank: 3/5
Delacroix wrote: Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:56 am E1L3 is one particular offender in terms of enemy encounters, particularly two spots matter here: the initial two skirmishes on narrow ledges where you're attacked from every direction by barely visible and quite quick enemies - but then there's puzzles, too and confusing level layouts. The teleport puzzle in E1L3 is one rough customer (after the Iris combat) but the Minos secret level is not only a bitch to find but also a bitch to complete, a quintessential maze where it's barely hinted at what you must do to get past this.
Leo(T.C.K.) wrote: Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:29 pmThe stuff in e1l3 was preserved from Jeff Rubin's work and it was typically Apogee thing, him coming from there in the first place, as Unreal was the first 3D experience he had.
• The difficulty suddenly increases by harcore enemies. I think this is an obstacle to enjoying the new experience of traveling around this authentic and amazing design.

Frustration rank: 2/5 (beacause my friend doesn't master jumps)
• This is a good challenge for those who can do quicksaves.
Coop mode doesn't have a quicksave, nor a teleporter like Synergy does :S

Frustration rank: 2/5
• Switching to this map removes items.

Frustration rank: 3/5
• I am stuck here, no door opens and there is nothing to do.
Leo(T.C.K.) wrote: Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:29 pmYrex made e1l5mine a little easier though.
Personally, we find that this map is always more difficult than the others:
• We would need more health ^^ because the enemies are numerous and their gun fires are difficult to dodge.

Image Image
Frustration rank: 1/5 (because involuntary trolling)
• This part of the temple has 3 enemies, 2 secret puzzles,
but only gives 1 Ammo pack for Razorjack (this weapon isn't even in the map).

Frustration rank: 1/5
• A mobile platform brought me here and I thought I was stuck.
In reality, the platform is 100% useless, and obstacles can be destroyed by gunfire.
It's not bad, but it's counterintuitive.
• We would need more health ^^

• Our adventure ends here without a walkthrough.
It's still a mystery today :S

Frustration rank: 3/5
• Part 1 of this map (go straight) is very beautiful with items in abundance <3
Part 2 of this map (turn right) is difficult and health and weapons are lacking.
I repeat a lot that we lack health but this part 2 is probably the worst.

Frustration rank: 5/5
• Here is the hardest part of the whole episode.
We never succeeded because of the one-shots.
The way back is very long, so discouraging,
and the teleporter (picture) that takes us back
should rather be in the opposite way ^^

• Our adventure ends before the end without a walkthrough in 3/4 of the maps.
I don't know if they are trigger problem or if we missed something.

• Stuck here.

We finally found the solution.
The way is that ladder, but gamedesign never got us used to using ladders.
We believe there should be an explicit guidance.

• Stuck here.

Image / Image
• Stuck here.
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

Do I have to make it clear also here that I left the forums?

Either way since you quoted me and there is some unclarity in what I meant, I meant to say E1L3C being authentic with the teleporters. The gameplay in E1L3B was of my design because the original map(s) was just drafts. What was jeff rubin's design are the main "frame" areas with the wormhole and the area where you have to go to the blue portals too.

I found it always jarring that Delacroix was one of the people on the tester team, especially the first part had an extended testing period and back when it was new and fresh Delacroix found E1L3B as one of the most unique maps he ever played and there was mostly praise from him. But he turned 180 degrees when stuff started to get public reactions on forums. I will not apologize for the gameplay on this map, if you use altfire on the mantas they can be disposed by one shot with asmd.

So apart from your post feeling like a bait to get me to come back, please refrain from such painful irony.

It is called Iris Challenge for a reason though. If you want really bad virtual world maps, try Hacx or god forbid, william shatner's tekwar (though I didn't play it but the footage was enough).

The E1L2A cave is optional and it has jumpboots located in it, which you should use to get back up. Otherwise I didn't find anyone on coop to have trouble with that segment but of course if you use the default coop the jumpboots won't respawn.

Please next time try to send me an e-mail message instead of posting here with such detailed report. We never encountered "switching to this map removes items", did you find the actual exit? Because to preserve items in coop you have to do switchcooplevel.

Also the 227i issues with episode 0 have not been confirmed by anyone so really I don't know what it was about.

Some of your screens/descriptions are also poor, the e1l5mine one opens the same way the beta one opened, there is a button on the floor which opens the door, its near the rim of the raised platform.

as for health, well ironically a lot of yrex's own maps have either too little health or ammo but it makes you try to conserve and adopt a different tactic.

But he did make changes that make the map less confusing at parts.

E1L6B's gameplay was guest work by CodeX (because the original was mostly unfinished with empty rooms), but I don't necesarily find it bad.

I wouldn't call it trolling and I find it insulting tbh.

In fact I could see you as a troll using similar argument.

About E1L6C health, again, yrex made most of the new gameplay here and low amounts of health seem to be the case in many of his maps.

E1L6D, I wanted that puzzle to be easier than it is now, but whatever really. The point is to keep shooting that light when it opens in the center pillar. If you damage it enough (and in coop it will travel through the mover if you use splash damage), you will see the forcefield down there disappear. This is a valid criticism however and doesn't imply lack of skill or retrying. The basic room design was from codex from his test map for push movers and because we ran out of time we just reused this room, but yrex made it a bit too difficult I think. I did tell him to lower the health further though at some point so don't run to me with this.

Lol @ E1L7C: the very first part was designed by me, the next segments are combination of jeff rubin's and yrex's work, the turn right thing is almost entirely yrex with reusing of his acerak's parts (okay I copied them in first but yrex made it more seamless and he created the terrain around the former-acerak building). Even in his parts I did often add enemies and stuff, but yea the health is a consistent thing in his stuff.

E1L7D: That fight is taken straight from yrex's aztec old edition map, but improved upon here. That teleporter is added there in case you missed the crucial item for this fight there and read the hint how to defeat the guardian. You need to use the special version of the chamaleon heart to turn invisible before he sees you and push all the buttons in sequence and fast to open the walled doors. Then you have to push the button which opens a wall on the opposite side of the arena, where you push the final button that can kill this guardian.

E1L8A: That map's gameplay is entirely my work. In fact a flashing light was added at the last point of betatesting because people kept being stuck. The light reveals a button to be pushed. Just look around the rooms in the same area.

E1L8B: that was the only instance of "ladderzone" being used in unreal psx from unfinished terry's map and this segment was kept almost intact except that yrex replaced the zone with a different actor due to bsp problems, that works only if you look up, but is the prefered solution. Obviously ladders were experimental thing in unreal psx but they did exist.

E1L8C: Look up the openings, there is something to shoot somewhere. If you want someone to blame, this was my idea.

E1L8D: That's yrex's, you need to drop down in one of the rooms in openings in the floor. It is not very obvious I know.
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

I want to say that recently the Moddb Page has been updated with new screenshots.

Also I want to avoid showing too many spoilers for now so I told JackHonda not to post pictures of certain maps or locations.

Also...despite my long absence E2L4 is still not finished, because apparently JackHonda threw out a couple of versions/redesigned a lot of stuff.

He also improved further on e2l6, now the graphic detail is so high that some maps in comparison are put to shame, which is actually the pitfall i wanted to originally avoid, but there were things that were added as per my instruction its just the level detail has been beefed up since further too. e2l7 is too barebones now but we have few ideas how to change that a little and spice it up without actually changing the troublegiving geometry much.

I have to say though E2L4C looks absolutely great and jackhonda wanted to change it again but I told him, "no don't" basically, lol. Because that skybox even if simple is one of the best I've seen for this type of map.

Basically now e2l4a is the both original recovered JWatkins' maps merged into one. E2L4B is all kind of stuff that got cut and mashed together into an experience not unsimilar to e1l3b....and finally e2l4c is the final confrontation/fight on that level set and its actually a semi-port of another cut level from another Unreal game. And I don't wanna spoil much but it does look fucking great. Especially in motion, screenshots alone won't give it a justice.

E2l5 has been basically finalized for a long time (with some late changes now as per my suggestions)...

e2l6 is basically done too, e2l7 needs some fine tuning and maybe more, e2l8, there's still one part that needs a lot of work...

e2l9 is done too and finalized for some time. So that's the status report. Its really the maps that were unfinished/missing that are still worked on now and that needed a lot of custom stuff/coding too.

Automatically merged

I'm continuing to test what was done since my last/prolonged absence. And well..I am starting to feel the overhauls are starting to get a little too much, as in a year ago it was already improved from the barebones look, but I don't want this to become another FireStorm. I feel like a lot of people that join me on the project feel the need to have their "stamp" on it in a way, as in restructure/redesign things the way they see fit, but that was not really the point of this project. If I see it detracts too much from original atmosphere I'd say remove it. I mean for example I had thought of making the buttons on walls with regular skaarj buttons and honeycomb stuff under it.

But..if you then place the same buttons all over the map you take away from their uniqueness. The older design was a bland of the original design and a new twist designed to have better flow. I just wish that was understood. I am not for removing all the detail that has been added since, it looks too cool to do that, but it wasn't necesary and the button thing will have to be reverted because if you then copy the same cool thing all over the map it looses the uniqueness it was meant in that one room...
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by gamerz31w »

Well it's looking very interesting.
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Re: Unreal PSX rework:Rise of Jrath thread

Post by Leo(T.C.K.) »

https://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-psx-r ... ticlesform

A new article has been posted, check it out!