The Black Tutorials- 4)Aimbot Scanner X

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The Black Tutorials- 4)Aimbot Scanner X

Post by JackGriffin » Sun May 22, 2016 10:23 pm

First off, code credits to FeraliDragon. He's da man.

As always, grab the package first:
(9.1 KiB) Downloaded 235 times
So, what have we here? Well this is a server side mod that you can run as an actor that will monitor players and check them for when they take a shot and hit someone. It's super configurable so if this interests you plan on spending some time to get to know it. This is *NOT* a simple "player X is cheating" notification, instead it's a way to observe and build a case against someone you suspect of being too good.

I'm not going to spend a huge amount of time explaining everything so let's get the theory out of the way first. This mod watches to see how far you turn, how fast you take the shot, and whether it hits. If you turn too far too fast and hit too quickly it will log that. Now is that hard evidence of cheating? Nope, BUT...if a player does this over and over then yeah you can start to suspect something. Everyone gets off a lucky shot but 10 lucky shots in a match, every match? Now it's a different matter.

It's all configurable as to the trigger settings. The ini looks like this Explanation follows each line in bold:

Amount in degrees the player must turn before shooting
Numerical value for a 'cone' around the player that the shooter lines up towards
How fast to move and take the shot that hits
Leave this, it's the timer for player updates
Distance limit between shooter and shot player, don't go much higher
Minimum distance before a check is made, this will help exclude very tight run-and-gun shots that will trigger the profile
Is the shooter ducking or zooming? That would explain the accuracy
Don't kick. It will trigger a lot until you properly set the parameters. Trust me on this.
Will increment upward as triggers are logged
Each trigger will create a line like this. The bot probability is a quick glancing value of how far the shot exceeded the chosen values you entered above. Greatly exceeding the values gives a higher probability, being close to them gives a lower. In the end it doesn't mean anything for sure, it's just a way to glance and look at the logged shot.

Taking the settings above I can say that these criteria must be met. If they are then it will log a possible cheating shot:
-Player ButtMuncher turned more than 70 degrees
-Player ButtMuncher locked into a very tight shot on the player that hit them
-ButtMuncher was between 300 and 2000 units away from his victim
-Did not need to be a headshot
-All of this occurred within a quarter of a second

As you can see by now this mod is more of profiler than a detector. Aimbots have gotten good at trying to fly under the detection radar but this allows you to squeeze down as much as you like to try to minimize that. Other server side detectors exist but none are configurable like this and they just don't work right. This one does but it requires time and effort to get the values correct depending on your server tick rate, your server setup, etc. Over the years I've passed this mod to several admins here and they've monitored you with it. It will not impact the performance of the server nor will the players even be aware it's being done.

That'll do for instruction. Feel free to ask me more if you are interested. Let me reiterate one last time: this is not a single use cheat detector so don't expect it to do that. It's a tool and its use is to help identify the players on your server that at times may just be either really, really good or they are toggling aiming assist when the game gets tight.

I had worked on another version of this that helped ID radar users but that's not good enough to release. It tracked player view movement and flagged when someone was locked onto a player hidden by BSP. Maybe that's a project for another day.

Anyway, enjoy this. It's fun to play with especially if you have an old aimbot lying around to test with. If you don't then PM me. If I know you and trust you I'll hook you up.
So long, and thanks for all the fish

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