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Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 1:56 am
by papercoffee
I didn't want to waste my 7000th post for this (instead I wanted to create a pack with all my revamped maps and stuff)... but anyway.
Because a recent activity and some questions I decided to write a Tactic manual for the Food Fight mod.


The Canopener (start weapon)
Very simple, shoot and kill with deadly beans. This weapon is very straight forward.
Pick up the Cherries (Pulse Rifle and ammo) and you turn your Canopener into a submachinegun. Switch ammo with alt-fire. Very useful to strip down a shield or armour and hold an opponent on distance.
Pick up the Hallapeno/JalapeƱo (Replacement for the Redeemer, it's in the lunch-box) and you get seven devastating bullets of hot spicy deadliness. Each shot is an instant kill even if you miss by an inch is the bullet igniting you opponent and he dies seconds later.
For ambush and surprise attacks because the opponents can't see early enough which ammo-can you have loaded into this weapon.

The Peanut-Gun
Also a very simple weapon ...bullets galore ...but with a twist.
Alt-fire shoots a 3 bullets burst each time you hit the button, which are much more precise then normal fire. This is useful to counter a sniper. imagine a long distance pumpgun with three bullets. But keep in mind that you have to hit alt-fire again to shoot another 3 bullet burst.
For suppression fire and counter-attacks against camping sniper.

The Ha&Ka Steinfrucht
This Rifle is the most precise weapon in all UT, but without a scope do you have to aim very well. It has a delay between every shot to prevent spamming bullets. if you get surprised by an attacker close to you comes the fork in use. Stab your opponent and he dies immediately. It's very satisfying... I promise.
For sniping (obviously) and for sneak attacks or if you are surrounded just jump into your opponents and kill them in a surprising melee killing-spree.

The Saladthrower
It's more or less used like the Flak. Primary fire shoots fast deadly fresh-cuts. Alt fire shoots a buttload of Salad chunks at your opponent. Alt fire has such a huge kickback that you can use it to rocket-jump and reach higher grounds ...just to let death rain from above. The alt fire mode eats up much more ammo and the reloading time is very long... so don't spam too much or you'll run out of salad very quick.
Areal denial and crowd-control ...also very good to get on higher places or jump over walls.

The Toastanator
The most deadly of the normal weapons. Because of its off centred hit area, if you aim at an opponent in mid range are you hitting the ground much more often. That way you have a higher chance to hit your enemy with an splash-damage, which is much easier than a direct hit.
Alt-fire launches all 4 Toasts and covers a much bigger area ...imagine it as a Rocket Pumpgun.
The down side is that you have to reload every time after 4 shots.
Areal denial and elimination of a bunch of opponents with one hit. Even a shield is no guarantee to survive such an attack.

The Papricannon
It's somehow a grenade launcher. You can shoot the Capsicum/Paprika and let it explode on its own ...but... the alt-fire button ignites the Paprinade instantly. This means, you can let it detonate in midair or shoot two Paprinades and detonate them to cover a bigger area.
Trickshots around corners or into small gabs or just right into your opponent's face. Very good against pursuer or to cover your team-mates.

The Carroteer
Formally planned as Stake Rifle to skewer your enemies and pin them to the wall
(Engine restrictions made this impossible)
The carrots can still be skewered into BSPs (wall, floor, celling) and then be used as barricade or as a ladder. But you have to hit mostly frontal... if the angle is too acute will the Carrot explode in deadly chunks. Normal fire when aimed at your opponent explodes like a rocket in his face.
This weapon has no alt-fire but a very useful long range firing mode. Keep your opponent in the centre of the crosshair and the carrot will change in lock-on mode... the carrot will double-up its speed (when fired) and fallow it's target.
Block an entrance or build a stairway or just sniper with a thrusted carrot your enemy down. Good for countermeasures against sniper or other camping mates.

The Hot-Saucier
Well ...this thing is a hot chilli sauce spitting nightmare for attacking opponents. Primary fire is a hot stream of chilli with a huge back-knock effect. Who ever gets hit will be pushed back very hard. Irritated and not able to move into the direction he wants is he easy prey for this weapon. Alt-fire is nearly like the Bio-Rifle you can shoot small globs or hold back till a huge glob is loaded. Releasing the glob has also a similar effect as the Bio ...but those globs of hot chilli will ignite everything and everyone. Decoration catches fire same as opponents burning enemy can torch another one. in a narrow space filled with enemies is one little glob enough to ignite the whole bunch. If they are low on health will they die rapidly or get heavily injured. The big glob will incinerate an opponent instantly.
Heavily areal denial and irritating opponents ...this weapon creates chaos and agony. If you have carrots pinned to a wall can you torch them and create a burning barricade.

The Jelly-Jumper
This is a transportable jump-spot. It counts as weapon because technically it is an "one bullet" weapon.
You can throw it at opponents or team mates and send them flying. The Jelly-Jumper can be placed where ever you like and used 3 times as a jump-spot far up you get flung depends on the speed you enter the range of the Jelly.
If you run full speed can you reach from the slime pool of Deck 16 up to the sniper spot... if you walk or crouch is the distance much shorter.
Well, jumping ...or getting you opponent into the air and shot him down.

The Lunch-Box
Is a replacement for the Redeemer ...randomly you'll get a Hallapeno Can or The Brocconade or some health-boost.

The Brocconade
The most devastating thing in this weapon pack... pull the ring and throw it ...primary fire far away, alt-fire drop it in front of you. Doesn't meter ...just start running.
First explosion is deadly enough but the now scattered broccoli parts explode each of them in a Redeemer like green cloud and cover a immense huge area of the map.
If you can hit an opponent with the Brocconade directly, exploding all parts immediately and kill everything in one shot... even you and your team-mates.
Run for your life.

The Frying Pan
Last but not least the second start weapon.
The Frying Pan does what a good Pan should do ...whack your opponents into oblivion.
Primary fire is a fast and repeating swing with a good result in decreasing your enemies health. Alt-fire is different, with alt can you whack every player far away mates won't get hurt but can get a boost. If you time it well, can you flail your mate over a huge gab or rescue him from getting hit by enemy fire. Enemies on the other hand get huge damage.
You can destroy approximating projectiles with alt-fire as well and survive an ambush ...


Juice Bottles
Health vials replacement but every bottle has a different amount of health.

Atomic Apple Juice Bottle
The Keg of health replacement.

The Apron
(buggy) should be the replacement for the tight-pads.

Chef Jacket
The armour vest.

Digestive Disorder Pills

Cup of Coffee
You get faster and shoot faster and can jump farther.

A cloud of ground black pepper is covering you and disorientates the enemy ...movement and vision is distorted and he is sneezing and coughing all the time. He has to get out of your range to recover. But mostly is he dead anyway.

Ok that's it for now...
If you have questions about game-play ...just ask.


Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:05 am
by rizbef
Ah sorry, Paper, didn't mean to trouble you :oops: I had planned on digging through the old threads when I had the chance to catch up.

But thanks for the explanations :D I'm having a lot of fun with Food Fight, and I'm even using it to bribe my dad into playing again... (or trying at least)


Posted: Sat Jul 16, 2016 5:41 pm
by papercoffee
rizbef wrote:Ah sorry, Paper, didn't mean to trouble you :oops: I had planned on digging through the old threads when I had the chance to catch up.
You didn't trouble me... :mrgreen:


Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 12:03 am
by papercoffee

What is Burger-CTF?
It's a game mode you can play on nearly every* CTF map. Or special edited versions of those maps.
This game mode is a mix of One Flag-CTF, Bombing Run and Joust.


One Burger Bomb spawns in the middle of the map and the teams have to take it and fight and carry it to the enemies base and touch the enemies flag. For every delivered Burger Bomb earns the team points. The carrier of the bomb dies from the Redeemer like explosion and takes every player around with him. But this doesn't count as suicide and entails no penalty.
The difference to Bombing Run is, the carrier can still use all his weapons and he isn't able to pass the bomb to a team mate. If the Burger Bomb carrier got fragged before he can reach the enemies flag does he drop the bomb and any other player can pick it up.
That means, if you pick it up are you the carrier till you get fragged. If you are low on health let another team mate pick up the bomb or you'll only be the delivery-boy presenting the bomb on a silver tablet for the opposing team.

The Carrier is clearly visible by a white glow around him and his gain of weight ...additionally is he producing a trail of green unhealthy fart clouds. Those clouds won't hurt team mates and the carrier as well, but enemies get damaged. So, be careful when you hunt the carrier, he could use the clouds to trick you and get you in a quandary.


If you are the carrier is a weapon preferable with good areal effect.
The Salad-Thrower adds better agility through the Rocket-Jump ability.
Toastanator is very good to clean out a big area of opponents.
The Peanut Gun is king on midrange and farther.
Sometimes the Papricannon can help as well, to prevent ambushes behind corners or deny pursuers.

Supports around the carrier should go for more precise weapons.
The Peanut Gun is perfect also the Papricannon.
The Canopener with the Cherry ammo or Hallapeno is useful as well
If you are using the Hot-Saucier should you avoid to cover the area in front of the carrier with alternate fire globs... but the primary fire is very useful to keep opponents on distance.

Supports in front the carrier can use every big weapon to clean the enemy base and keep the attacker at bay.
The Hot-Saucier is useful to block paths and push opponents away or over an edge into deadly liquid.
For better accessibility of the enemies base is the Carroteer the best decision stairways on the wall or block spawn-points, or just snipe at the opposing team with the lock-on function.

Supports in the background should always take the Ha&Ka Steinfrucht or the Carroteer.
The Peanut gun because of its ability to shoot precise enough on long distance is also a good choice.

* Maps

I wrote that nearly every CTF map can be used ...well, yes, nearly.
The Burger Bomb tries to spawn on the most exact centred path-node or inventory-spot and replaces the item.
This means, if the map has no reachable path-node in the centre of the map in the exact same distance to each flag, is the burger spawner forced to use a path-node or inventory-spot close to the centre. This results in sometimes unreachable spots or asymmetric and unfair placed Burger Bombs.
Lava Giant is a good example ...mostly spawns the burger on the redeemer inventory-spot.
If you want to prevent this as mapper, follow this advice...
papercoffee wrote:Most important ...if you want to map for BurgerCTF but want the map to be usable for default CTF put a pathnode in the exact center of the map between the two flags. For exclusive B-CTF maps use the Burger actor.
In any circumstances make the Burger reachable for the bots... keep in mind: there are no jumpboots, The Pan can only boost team mates but not yourself, No Transloc, Bots don't know how to rocket-jump with the Salad-Thrower and the Jelly is depending on the speed too strong and can flail you much higher than the boots can do.
Here some good examples of edited maps which I used to test the mod with
The best 4 maps in this pack:
CTF-300k-AsthmaII_FF_ very good example of a nearly perfect map layout.
CTF-300k-LiandriDocks_FF_ very fast and unforgiving if one team sucks. Here is no Burger placed but weapon placement is edited. The burger spawns sometimes on or under the bridge.
CTF-512K-TheBeatGoesOn_FF_ very complicated and nearly useless for bots. But very good for human team-player :wink:
CTF-512K-RooftopRage_FF_ simple to learn but hard to master :P ...the sniper is king on this map.

I added only the burger actor and changed some weapon placement out of the centre.

And again, if you have questions about Food Fight ...just ask.


Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 3:38 pm
by papercoffee

I gonna Food you up!



Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:24 pm
by EvilGrins
papercoffee wrote:I gonna Food you up!
Fork you! :D


Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:32 pm
by JackGriffin
paper doesn't deserve such a verbal assalt. You should try peppering some good stuff in with the bad.


Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 1:25 am
by papercoffee
Playing with Food Fight MH weapons:

I use stuff swapper to "unlock" the MH weapons for any other game mode.
(except LMS ...Idon't know why FF doesn't work with it.).
To run this config, you need to install the full mod and the MH extension. Because some items are cancelled from the MH version.

Code: Select all

Sadly the Pepper Mill and the Jelly Jumper won't work in stuff swapper. I'd replaced them with other things.
If someone has a better config just PM me.