Black Mover... Pink Mover - Movers not recommended

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Black Mover... Pink Mover - Movers not recommended

Post by sektor2111 » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:36 pm

Because I could see nowadays the need for some Mover explanations about Dark Side, by using useless phrases, nobody will understand what's the deal. By giving a sample simple Level we can go into research using Editor.
Last time I could see a tutorial with some Mover unfriendly with Bot, now is Bot's turn for bugging human beings - fair enough so far.
HINTS for checks:
- first spectate 2 Bots how are fighting and moving for figuring Movers there;
- next session, join to see what's the deal by playing directly - you will need to use GRAB (for doors). For Lifts - ummm... gulp... yeah, Bot is a native cheater, he/she can call Lifts but Not you;
- because they are happy about those naughty Lifts, they might play with Balls down there... from time to time.

Such setup is NOT that recommended in certain game-types - probably nowhere is needed such setup - In MonsterHunt by example, player bugger is messing up entire game charm by opening Doors without completing objectives finishing maps in less than a minute and ruining people's fun.
Movers - GRAB command (with Bot) and Bot Trivia in front of Player.
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