TUTORIAL: Rolling Screenshots

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TUTORIAL: Rolling Screenshots

Post by Feralidragon »

TUTORIAL: Rolling Screenshots in UT GOTY

Well, if you have already played Unreal Tournament 2004, then you know when you are choosing a map, the screenshot which appears there is changing, generally is changing between 4 screenshots, each one of a different zone of the map, to give a better ideia how that map looks like.

But in UT99 (Unreal Tournament GOTY), you have only 1 screenshot of a zone of the map, which could be kinda incomplete in the case of large maps.

So, the question is: How do I make that rolling screenshots UT2004 like, in UT99?

I have the answer to this one, and the best thing is that is quite simple to do, and it doesn't envolve 3rd Party modifications of any kind, plugins neither.

First, you have to keep in mind that the final result hasn't that fade in fade out UT2004 effect when changing between screenshots.

So here I come:

Step 1 ) - Take screenshots of different zones of the map, of course :P

Step 2 ) - Import those screenshots to MyLevel, where the first one has to be named "Screenshot", the other ones, name them whatever you want;

Step 3 ) - Then, you go to Level Properties in View menu, or push F6:

Step 4 ) - Inside Level Properties, go to LevelInfo, then choose MyLevel.Screenshot from the Textures Browser and place it in Screenshot on LevelInfo;

Step 5 ) - Close Level Properties, and go to the Textures Browser, MyLevel, then right click on Screenshot texture, and click Properties;

Step 6 ) - Inside the texture properties, go to Animation, and place the next screenshot texture that you have in MyLevel on AnimNext;

Step 7 ) - Do the same from Step 6), with the other screenshot textures placed in MyLevel, for example: i have Screenshot2, Screenshot3 and Screenshot4 as names of the other screenshot textures, so:

Screenshot - AnimNext: Screenshot2
Screenshot2 - AnimNext: Screenshot3
Screenshot3 - AnimNext: Screenshot4
Screenshot4 - AnimNext: Screenshot

Step 8 ) - Like I have shown in Step 7), in the last screenshot texture, you place in AnimNext the first screenshot, which is "Screenshot", to do the animation loop;

Step 9 ) - Now you have to set the transition rate between screenshots, which is set in Animation, in MinFrameRate and MaxFrameRate, where:

MaxFrameRate = 1 / Transition Time (in seconds)
MinFrameRate = 1 / Transition Time (in seconds)

Which means, if you want that the transition time could be:
1 second - Rate = 1.0
2 seconds - Rate = 0.5
4 seconds - Rate = 0.25
0.5 seconds - Rate = 2.0 (I think you got the point :lol: )

You can set the same value in Max and Min :wink:

Step 10 ) Save the map, open UT and enjoy your rolling screenshots UT2004 like, of your map (without the fade effect).

Well, and it's done :mrgreen:

Another good ideia, is to make an animating screenshot (4 or more screenshots of the same zone), like a screenshot where you can see an animated rotating fan, for example.
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Re: Rolling Screenshots Tutorial

Post by Dare »

Hmm, this sound easy for once, something even I can do, whenever I get round to making a map I will use this, thanks! :mrgreen:
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Re: Rolling Screenshots Tutorial

Post by Creavion »

Nothing new for me. Only missing material sequences like in the uengine 2 make it looks not very good.
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Re: Rolling Screenshots Tutorial

Post by TheCorey »

I've figured this out a few years ago, pretty much by myself when I was building a JB map for a gaming night.
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Re: TUTORIAL: Rolling Screenshots

Post by xorxis »

Thx this helps alot for me!
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Re: TUTORIAL: Rolling Screenshots

Post by gades »

Thx. Always wondered about this....