UCC2 build 3

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UCC2 build 3

Post by Higor » Sat Feb 17, 2018 3:43 am

UCC2 rebuilt by Higor
(build 3, win32)

This is a small UCC modification that uses enhanced malloc and log interfaces.

XC_Core interfaces:

== FMallocThreadedProxy:
Uses spinlocks to prevent multiple threads from using the game's allocator.

== FOutputDeviceFileXC:
Improved log output device for launchers and UCC apps.
Safe to log lines of any char length.
Uses Windows \r\n newline characters regardless of platform.
Adding -logflush to the app's command line will force flush after every line.
The log file can be opened in read-only mode while the app is still running.
If two apps attempt to use the same filename, another file with a '_2' appended to it will be used.

You may rename this UCC.exe and run it without replacing the original UCC.
Source code included in package, taken from UT Public v432 headers.
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Re: UCC2 build 3

Post by sektor2111 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 8:19 am

Feed-back time.
Today I was inspecting commandlets I mean things letting you to command or "let's command" this. Jokes are not important but let's see that I cannot have a valid clue about what is going on in all this UCC workaround.
Something like default UCC, using the right INT editing will show up some "HELP" types properly:

And take a look at UCC so called version 3. What did I miss ? INT are the same and they were working before.
It has empty lines like have no definition.
To summarize I'll use a commandlet application which I nice dude was giving me before as long as I think something is not working properly here, and I completed XC_Setup.int accordingly...

Code: Select all


HelpOneLiner=Install/Uninstall XC Stuff
HelpUsage=ucc XC_Setup -nohomedir +engine +netdriver +editor
HelpDesc[0]=Specifies Setting up XC_Engine - Ini file is edited
HelpDesc[1]=Installs XC_Ipdrv Net driver - Ini File is edited
HelpDesc[2]=Installs XC_Core stuff for editor - Ini is edited
Which looks readable in any UCC version using <UCC help XC_Setup>.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.