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Re: XC_Engine add-ons - XC_MonsterHunt

Postby sektor2111 » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:27 am

Let's see some debate toward this 451 (said "b" version). I decided to to some tests/checks around, just for having more clarifications.
Aldebaran wrote:I tried to play XC MonsterHunt on Hofs server with a UT 4.51 client and after downloading the needed files the connection stopped, I could not play several maps. If it's impossible to play XC Monster Hunt with UT 4.51 clients it would be nice to inform the player before the connection stops that he should use another UT version. With UT 4.36 I can play fine there and it makes much fun to have bots in there :-)

I set another folder in order to figure what is about XC_MonsterHunt. If this thing doesn't work in XC_Monsterhunt hosted at HOF - logs are saying some entertaining stuff, I tried this game using server hosted at NfoServers and... client 451b. Do am I supposed to believe that XC_MonsterHunt has problems ? Nope, it doesn't have, if server is correctly configured this MonsterHunt is suffice for my needs. I suppose you want evidences... Good... Watch these...
Server is 451b with screwed stock - read this well and again X times. Client is normal 451b - WORKING !
This is after downloading said running map.
This is a clean default 451b Client connected to XC Server 451b hosted at NfoServers and using another screwed up stock for getting rid of default UT crap.
Speaking about XC_MonsterHunt from Hof, there probably some files are screwed up as long as old Bot Kragoth had a funky texture proving that something is not OK over there with those files. But NfoServers have confirmed that XC_MonsterHunt has No issues with any UT versions - Any Client.
If servers are screwed up THAT'S another story which is not exactly my problem as long as I do have some backups for my home repositories where I do various tests/crashes/etc.
If some people like to screw up their clients with files and null INT entries causing empty menus and stupid client crashes that is NOT my problem.
By Any matter, if this 451 do looks like a pain for you, get back to original patched 436 and forget these "updates". When server has 436 440 and client uses 451b as a sample, connecting to server heads to some forget (errata - *forged) objects and other bullshit scrolling during connecting stage - THESE I believe are funky stuff coming from 451 updates at once with "great" Editor which UTPG have done and this doesn't look like the only problem of 451 patches.
When you do some update to this old game, NO NEW CLASS OR VARIABLE HAS TO BE ADDED and NO CLASS OR VARIABLE HAS TO BE REMOVED in updated version unless content will no longer have compatibility, and this is what UTPG did to UT - breaking compatibility - I won't mention what Editor does in 451b... When you are trying to conform a class of an Actor with NONE class of another supposed Actor or such THIS HEADS TO TRASH-BOX as long as integrity of package is not similar with previous one, compatibility for such case is gone and this IS some of UTPG failures done to UT making mainly any future updates to stay limited or to not work. 451 with new things can receive 436/440 clients but I'm not sure how well are done things vice-versa, server being 436/440 and client 451- depending on map as well... Thank you, guys, for these updates ?? :barf:

Edit: Typo-Errata in text
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Re: XC_Engine add-ons-XC_MonsterHunt-NavAdder stuff

Postby MrLoathsome » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:19 pm

Exactly correct.

440 and 451 are broken. I will no longer use either for server or client.

And I no longer have any interest in any errors caused by the use of either.

436 or nothing.
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Re: XC_Engine add-ons-XC_MonsterHunt-NavAdder stuff

Postby sektor2111 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 8:50 pm

Broken because they have moved some variables/classes or whatever, that's why Editor it's stuck in view-ports regarding to what they said - did not tested anything, that simple. Also a package done/rewritten and selected for being saved (Save Selected Packages - menu option) is not saved at all but are saved ALL, but ALL packages with unchecked/unselected box. Can you believe - it's exactly the reversal ? I'm curious how do works a map if something of those missing things were added in Level by a "mapper" :sleep: .

EDIT: Reason "sniping".
If server allows FOV changes - more exactly zooming generally, that can be configured by client in User.ini, something evil happens if client is using v451b, at least this is what was happening in map MH-Minas_Tirith running with XC_MonsterHunt. In v436 was working properly. I suppose this is another "fix" a la UTPG... now I really have no reason for using any 451 for client game.
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